EA Play @ E3 2017

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Stream here: https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=P9BB0ambDQw

Time of start is 3 PM EDT/12 PM PDT.

So what are people looking forward to the most from EA? I personally am looking forward to whatever Bioware is doing, especially since it is a whole new ip.

My E3 wish is the same as it is every year. CFL teams added into Madden. Let’s see if I’m disappointed again, (hint: I will be).

Weed 3

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My hope is a good look at the Battlefront Singleplayer and a look at at least one of the other Star Wars projects they got going. My DREAM is the return of Galactic Conquest with a ton more depth and a look at BOTH those other Star Wars games they got going.

Pew pew pew
Pew pew
Pew pew pew

i was already fairly disgusted at battlefield One’s depiction of world war one but now that they’re glorifying the Romanovs im going to find their director and fight him in the street. fuck ea


where’s my dlc where i can kill the romanovs


those soccer commentators called a player “genetically sound” wowwwww

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A Way Out seems cool.

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Yeeesh, that’s a bad way of phrasing athletically gifted.

A Way Out looks really good and feels nice to have a big budget game that aims to be a good couch-coop again. Fun fact about Josef Fares (the man who presented the game) He is a pretty famous comedy director here in Sweden and he seems like a really nice guy.

Also, really disappointed that they just teased Biowares new game to then not show it until microsofts show? this was kind of the thing i was looking most forward to.

A Way Out looks awesome. Love the forced co-op concept.

Missing Tha Hoop Gawd :cry:

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This entire conference has seemed a bit off… Like, they are all really well made robots but every so often the software fucks up and they need to do a soft reset.

EA really playing up their role of the Empire by bring in the storm troopers.

Remember Fe?

EA sure doesn’t.


Well, Way Out looks pretty ace, and Battlefront 2 looks pretty ACE, but beyond that things were pretty damn bad. apparently some of those players from their rubbish Esports montage were known transphobes and racists too, so shows how much EA cares about actually making an effort. Not to mention them going on about diversity in that charity bit when there when their stage was 90% white dudes.

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extremely bold and unexpected take from Electronic “Battlefiield Onesie” Arts to be pro-tsarist

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