EA Play @ E3 2017

The company making Fe has been tweeting mostly about a completely different game they’re making; could be that everything about it is under wraps for now. Hopefully it’s okay.

The stream is still ongoing, so this thing is pretty long.

That said, I’m not finding it too interesting. Something related to Sim City/The Sims would be nice.

Well, there’s still time for something like that.

So happy that Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons dev has got a team to build something big and unique.
That EA conference was great overall. They’re making the changes to Star Wars Battlefront that interest me too. Look forward to Anthem tomorrow.

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I’m more interested in Need For Speed after seeing those takedowns, but I’m not sure it’s enough to completely sell me yet. A Way Out looks really interesting, though. Brothers was a great time; I’m interested to see what they’ve done now and it’ll be nice to have a cool couch co-op game to play with my housemate because there aren’t a ton of those these days.

Battlefront 2 (2) totally looks like more Battlefront 2015, and that’s fine by me. I played a whole ton of that game, so more of it is very welcome. Having DLC being free is a good step in the right direction, too - hopefully after Titanfall 2 and now this it’s a model EA will be following more often. (As a side note, my Star Wars superfan friends - who still regularly play the first game - are flipping the heck out right now, so it seems to have won them at least.)

I found it kinda funny that they’re bringing back Alex Hunter, the dude from last year’s FIFA story mode, because it makes this year’s game one of the few times I’m tempted to say, “Well I can’t play this one until I’ve finished the last instalment,” and that’s not something I ever expected to happen for a sports title.

The way they Keep talking about the stuff in battlefront 2 like it groundbreaking like when the guy said" we can play as droids " is rubbing me the wrong way Like yeah you could play as droids in the OG battlefront 2 you could also take over the galaxy in that one While I like that they brought classes back and hopefully space combat it stuff that should been there from the start of the EA Battlefront game

At this point the only thing that would get me to buy Battlefield 1 is if they added a Blackadder 4 mode where you try to escape the trenches with Baldrick instead of shooting anyone.

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Battlefront 2 and A Way Out look really good, but I’m not a huge fan of how EA focused more on trying to spin their special brand of Meaningless Corporate Jargon as some kind of consumer advocacy action. Especially when they did that at the expense of showing anything worthwhile or significant from their current stable of games.

I don’t particularly care about SEED or Game Changers or DICE’s corporate culture. I’m watching because I want to get a better idea of what you’re developing. I really don’t want to watch five uninterrupted minutes of (homophobic and/or racist) streamers mouthing empty platitudes about Battlefield 1 or Battlefront 2.

Though I’ll give EA credit for continuing their proud tradition of ensuring that everything good in their conferences occurs completely by accident or outside of their control. See; Weed3, Denim Jacket Need for Speed Youtuber Guy, the dev for A Way Out going off script and getting legitimately excited about showing his game at E3.

Well, they are getting more into the games after the first couple of hours of the show.

The new Need For Speed game looks pretty good. I just don’t care about any of the other stuff they showed. Star Wars Battlefront II looks something my sister will be really into though.

Okay, it just ended.

I guess it was kinda alright? Maybe I could play A Way Out on my own although the camera looks iffy. I guess the mobile game could be fun.

  • Battlefield One would be great if instead of romanticizing Tsar Nicholas II for some god forsaken reason the game lets you play as the Bolsheviks and overthrow the Russian Empire.
  • I adore split screen co-op so I am excited for A Way Out, but I am slightly wary of a game about two white dudes in prison and how it’ll handle the female characters we saw glimpses of in the trailer.
  • Can’t wait to see more of Anthem tomorrow. No mention at all of Andromeda, I noticed.
  • Battlefront has Finn, which was the only thing I needed to know to put it on my wishlist.

As a fan of old school Need for Speed and Burnout: Paradise, it looks like that NFS is right up my alley.

I think I saw a dinosaur in the Anthem teaser and I’m very excited to see what MSFT is showing for that.

I could play Battlefront, but I don’t have the highest tolerance for FPS and want to check out Destiny since 2 will be on PC, so I’ll probably skip it?

Last point, I really want to be excited about A Way Out but also can’t seem to remember it exists, which doesn’t bode well.

I was genuinely shocked by how novel A Way Out appears to be. It’s such a simple and brilliant idea to shift the boundaries of the two screens to give certain moments more attention. That said, its characters and setting were an absolute turn off for me. Will definitely wait to see how the writing pans out. Could be brilliant, could be a solid C-.

Anthem, uh. Looks like, uh, a video game. Too soon to tell, though I’m really saddened by the panning it’s getting on YouTube - people wanting to vent bout ME:A over something they know nothing about. Especially after reading more about the rollercoaster that was its dev cycle, I feel nothing but pity for BioWare. If anything, people should be getting angry about EA forcing BioWare to shoehorn dev for ME:A into Frostbite. Either way, I love Destiny, and will probably dump time in to whatever Anthem is.

I just really miss Weed3. I feel like EA totally got the hint (guys, we said Weed3 too much) and tried to pull back the reins this year to varying degrees of effect.


Was anyone else reminded of the climax of Metal Gear Solid 4 just before the end where the screen split between you controlling Snake (crawling through that fire room) and the actions of the other team members? A Way Out’s design reminded me a lot of that. I know there are more representations of that style in TV, Movies (and especially comic books) but that was the game-reference I had for it.


I was surprised how much I actually liked everything that wasn’t Sports related. Need for Speed looked like F&F. I’m not sold but I’m interested. A Way Out looked really cool, despite not being sure if I’ll get around to playing it with a friend. Battlefront has me in its clutches again. I’m interested to see more of Anthem.

More importantly Janina Gavankar is a bright ray of sunshine. Give her more roles.

Gosh there were so many great #content #influencers on that stream. Much better than Snoop Dogg dangling a j from his mouth as he flew a biplane upside down straight into the ground.

Star Wars Battlefront II (2017) surprised me. If the campaign is worth playing I’ll buy it at some point (because: not sure about multiplayer). Hopefully the story isn’t a hamfisted “Are we the bad guys?” Even if it is, oh well: non-force user as main protagonist!

By the way: what was up with Palpi’s face inside that robot? Is that featured in the new canon somewhere? Or was this the first appearance?

Well the campaign story is written by the people who did Spec-Ops: The Line, so it probably will be “are we the bad guys?”, but done well??

Good or bad, it’s just not something I want for the one time we get a main protagonist on the Empire’s side. Just give me a game starring someone from the Empire with an idealistic view for what it is they see in the Empire.

DO IT! :smiley:

And if I can’t get that and it’ll be a decent “are we the bad guys” story, then that’s fine. Do that, make it good. Please, no force powers though. Not for the main protag.
Edit: no, actually I just don’t want that at all. It doesn’t get me excited. I might still check it out because I have yet to play a Star Wars game I enjoy, but if that ends up being the story… Well, whoop-dee-fucking-doo. Guess I’ll just be there for the characters, environment, sounds and action.

I am almost impressed that EA could take a press conference that featured…

  • the Russian Revolution
  • a Southern Gothic jailbreak
  • a brand new game from Bioware
  • Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars

… and turn it into a complete and utter snooze-fest.