EA Play @ E3 2018 Official Discussion Thread


That Sea of Solitude pitch seemed so heartfelt, it was really refreshing to see at an event like this.


I genuinely appreciate the “nervously earnest dev” presentations.


I really am not a fan of these fake as hell very obviously scripted choreographed conversations though.


It’s a shame it comes from EA, where we know the working conditions have always been a problem (especially around job security, nothing has changed). Makes it seem like a PR push rather than actually being giving space for enthusiastic devs from the trenches rather than polished presentations from executive-tier project managers.

Edit: It’s cool that EA have not dumped Sea of Solitude (remember EA Originals - this was announced by EA in 2016 after getting a public reveal at the start of 2015) but also this means they’re an external studio who are probably working to milestones to just keep paying salaries.


So awkward! Why are major publishers/developers afraid of letting their workers act like humans?


They just announced a new Command and Conquer mobile game that’s just a hex based Clash Royale. This is the most “one black coffee” moment of the show.


I need to get some significant gameplay footage of Anthem, but it seems to own bones.


even if Anthem is just “its our turn to get that Destiny money” i am still into the look of it over Destiny’s aesthetic in basically every way. …that being said i am going to hold out hope that it is a lot more Bioware than Destiny

edit: alright its just fuckin Destiny, whatever thats fine the suits still look good


The good dokes:

Edit: Yup, this sure is Destiny. Only I’m kinda even less into this VO delivery of “lighthearted chat” (I wonder how developed the characters will be that you’ll have to listen to as you fly around and talk over them with your friends you’re actually playing with - should be Bioware’s strong suite).


Damn, this voice acting is kinda bad.


There were a couple of lines early on there that I was wondering if this was “fake player chat” stuff the devs put in to show it’s multiplayer (as is the gameplay video tradition) before I realised that’s the actual story delivery stuff.

Not a good sign if that’s the final edits (and with it coming out so soon, you have to assume all the final VO is recorded and in the game).


Sea of Solitude looks promising.

Anthem is pretty, but so far is doing nothing for me.

Andrew Wilson’s monologue about how they want players to feel a “return on their dollars invested” skeeved me out.


As someone who likes Destiny 2 well enough (though I wish it was better about so many things) and never got into the combat in Warframe, I’m tentatively excited for Anthem. Even if it’s just “Loot Shooter 2019”, it looks like it could be a lot of fun depending on how much more there is to it.


I’m into Anthem if I can cosplay as Iron Man. All the flying combat is by far the most interesting part. Seeing ground combat kept killing the mood for me.
Sea of Solitude is definitely the most interesting. Interested in seeing more about it.

I’ll probably never bother with battlefield battle royale but imo its a good choice to do battle royale with since they already have experience with wide open conquest maps and the destructible environments can be pretty fun.


Kinda just wish Bioware would be up front about the type of game they’re making. It’s okay to make games outside of your wheelhouse, but acting like it’s something it isn’t is how you make people’s first impression of your game disappointment.

I want to fly around as yellow lad though


the reason Bioware is sly about Anthem is because it absolutely is something sprung wholesale from a corporate checkbook glancing jealously at Destiny. There was nothing about that trailer that indicted it was anything but.

And I really think people hearkening on a “Bioware story” are clinging to something that has long been dead. The last sort of thing like that was maybe Dragon Age 1 or 2, everything since has been a paint by numbers affair.

I’ll end up getting suckered into Anthem because of friends and I like the idea of crawling in and out of mech suits and having a mobile artillery cannon, but I won’t have illusions that it’s treading anything but Destiny territory


Yeah, if the game is very combat heavy, that’s fine! Just show us what makes the combat different and compelling beyond cool looking mech suits.


All the mech stuff looks sooooo good. But as somebody already trapped in the Destiny hole, I don’t think I want just the same thing.

The only thing that could make me want Anthem is if it was secretly Skate 4. In mechs.


Doubtful, did just buy a new studio downtown.


I think it’s way under-rated. Very chill game, beautiful to look at (near photo-real in some levels), varied, and while it may not seem like it initially, has an interesting message. That game did not go where I thought it was going.