EA Play - E3 2019 Official Thread

Welcome to the Waypoint Forum’s discussion of E3 2019. This is the official thread for talk about the EA Play event and the games discussed and announced during that press conference. It can also contain discussion of further coverage of those games or companies that appears in later days. We want to contain overlap and multiple threads so please contain all discussion of EA to this thread.
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Link to conference stream: Twitch || Mixer

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So i guess the big question is gonna be how Jedi Fallen Order actually looks in gameplay. I’m of two minds on this one. One is that Respawn hasn’t actually made a game i dislike yet, so i feel like this could be a great game just on that basis. On the other mind though, honestly star wars kinda feels tiring in many ways. Also this is just me but this game is sandwiched Between Death Stranding and Pokemon in the schedule, and I only have so many dollars and time to spend on big AAA games, so i wouldn’t be shocked if this one quietly passes me by.

Does Anthem get mentioned, at all? Do they announce new content, or will it just be a trite “we hear you”?

Or do they just pivot immediately to DA4?

This is their schedule for the conference. No Anthem or DA4


Banking real hard on the influencers this year, huh?

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Also there is a new Need for Speed coming out later this year but it won’t be at EA Play or E3.

But honestly with how the series has been for years now it’s not much of a loss. But yeah the only big info i expect from this event is the first gameplay footage of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

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As much as I snark about influencers, I’ll be happy if I never have to hear from EA’s First Order-ass CEO, whose name I can’t recall

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yeah Andrew wilson is the guy you cast as the evil CEO in a movie


EA Play 2019, AKA “A half hour of Star Wars and you’re free the rest of the day”.

(Unless you’re into Apex, I guess.)


Fallen Order looks like it’s going to be EA’s olive branch to the angry and online portion of the gaming audience while they continue to turn their major franchises into slot-machines.

Maybe they’ll throw in a story trailer that’ll have a reference to The Mandalorian or some shit before the “And now, something for the shareholders” section of the presentation.

You can probably get all you need out of what they’ll show of Apex via a few tweets i bet.

I’m interested in the star wars game, I want to know how this is going to be significantly different from Force Unleashed. I’m a sucker for star wars video games but I’m super bored of morally wishy washy white dudes.

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To the person earlier in the thread who asked about DA4, ask again in about 2022.

I am torn on Fallen Order. On the one hand

  1. Respawn makes great video games.
  2. Everyone at Respawn seems really excited to be making it.

On the other hand

  1. Stig Asmussen is directing it, and his main contribution to video games was God of War III. Not to say that he was principally responsible for all of that game’s…excesses, but I would feel a little more comfortable if I saw a thing of his since that time that demonstrated a little more breadth in his thinking.
  2. Of all the species in the Star Wars canon and all of the stories they could possibly tell, the main character is a white human dude.
  3. It’s hard to do good combat with Jedi. There always wind up being some kind of arbitrarily enforced limits on your abilities.

My money’s on Respawn to figure it out, but I am definitely looking forward to Saturday.


Hoping against hope that Jedi Fallen Order is the spiritual successor to the Jedi Knight series, the only Star Wars lightsaber combat games to get that shit right.

Here’s my prediction for Apex Season 2 reveal:

  • There will be a pve element in the form of wild life. They’ve hinted at this heavily since the start and you can even see some in game right now as part of a menu video update that came in the last patch.

  • New tesla trap character will be immediately available

  • The L-STAR that’s been in the in game files for quite awhile goes live

  • Melee weapons are added

  • Skins are shown off that the community is much more in favor of

  • Star Wars related skins if you buy or preorder their new game (Vader looking Bloodhound?)

  • Talk about in game challenges that they are adding

  • New timed event game mode


I’m always interested in more Apex news, so there’s that.

Don’t feel one way or the other about Fallen Order, but I’d like to be pleasantly surprised.

I used to love Need For Speed back in the day, but haven’t been interested in their most recent titles. Again, open to be pleasantly surprised, though it not being anywhere at E3 is a little :grimacing:

Any game coming out this year that isn’t going to E3 redlines the ol’ yikes-o-meter.

EDIT: With the obvious exception of Death Stranding because Sony as a whole isn’t going to be there.

I guess I’ll watch the Fallen Order segment. The trailer didn’t make a strong impression on me, but Respawn has done good work and I still have enough interest in star wars to hope for it to be interesting.

Unfortunately nothing else on the schedule appeals to me. I was hoping they might surprise us with something new, but it doesn’t seem like that will happen this year.

I guess the only thing I’m interested in is Jedi Fallen Order, but I have the same thoughts/feelings as @DarthTythus

It’s depressing there seems to be nothing from BioWare. How far they have fallen.

Perhaps BioWare will be showing something at the Microsoft event? They have had a close relationship with them in the past. Maybe we’ll see some other EA games there too.

I think BioWare is going to go full HelloGames on Anthem. We’ll hear from them again when there’s something to be heard.

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