Eating a Toad is vegan


Toad = fungus = ethical

Change my mind dorks.

Pictured: Dinner


Isn’t the mushroom part a hat tho


Recent scientific discoveries suggest that our planet’s terrestrial flora are all connected by a pseudo-neural network composed of fungi, through which nutrients and, surprisingly, information are passed to other plants on the network. Therefore, consumption of Toads amounts to eating the internet. vegans = technovores


You’re gonna sit there and watch that round little bun get put in some stir fry???


what about goomba


Counterpoint: Mushrooms are the meat of vegetables. Mushrooms are people. Eating mushrooms isn’t vegan.


I ate the internet once. Didn’t poop for a week.


i will grant you that mushrooms are indeed meat, but i will not stand for the baseless assertion that they are ‘people’. have you LISTENED to a toad person thing?? at most they are rodents


Toadette and Toadsworth seem pretty put-together? And who would deny our dear Captain Toad personhood!


The Veggie Tales cast is cute, but that doesn’t stop me from eating tomatoes. Check and mate.


i am very conflicted. on one hand, i love rats. on the other, putting a mustache/bonnet or whatever on a rat doesnt make it a perso- hang on


Ewww, keep that shit off my (cashew cheese) pizza!


But if you were in the Veggie Tales universe, where every veggie is a person, then you probably wouldn’t. The real test here is to find evidence of mushrooms that aren’t people in the mushroom kingdom. Keep in mind, power-up mushrooms DO have eyes.


Pretty sure potatoes have eyes in the real world. Are you gonna tell me taters are people?!


the bouncy ones




Alright, well where do we stand on Mushroom Kingdom clouds, then?


Dawg, I blow sick Mushroom Kingdom clouds.


i am cloud-agnostic

EDIT: i would eat cloud


My policy is not to eat anything capable of carrying a conversation with me, regardless of whether its animal or vegetable. If a turnip started talking to me, I wouldn’t eat that turnip.


I’ve seen the toad carrying a vegetable and then throwing said vegetable before. Does this make him different from other vegetables or a self-despising vegetable?