Electro Swing thread!


Nothing gets me in the mood for being active than electro swing, like this shit gets my blood pumping. I guess there are more people out here who dig this genre, right? Post/discuss your faves, rec songs/artists to people, etc.

To start it off, two of my faves: (violence/blood cw for the first video)


I dont listen to the genre as much as I used to but I still tune in to Electroswing Revolution every now and again when the mood hits. Saw Caravan Palace in concert last year and it was amazing, loved the cover of black betty they did!!


Cool tip re: Electroswing Revolution, thx!

My main intro to the genre was via a mix-maker I follow on YouTube, Xefox Music. And you’re right, that Black Betty cover is hell of catchy. I was hooked more or less instantly.