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What newsletters do y’all get in your inbox on a semi-regular basis?

I’m subscribed to . . .

Penny Fractions (Weekly): is a weekly analysis of the music streaming business by David Turner.

Water and Music (Weekly): is a weekly about the intersection of music, technology, creativity, business, people, travel and potatoes by Cherie Hu

12:36 (Weekdays): is a tabloid newsletter about Toronto and Ontario news.

Giant Bomb (Weekly): is a nice update about GB plus links out to recent videos.

Globe and Mail Morning Update (Daily): is basically the front page of the newspaper broken down into even shorter stories. I have a paper subscription to the Star so it is nice to see how the Globe is handling the same stories.

Sentences I Liked This Week (Weekly): is Darcie Wilder’s collection of 15 sentences she liked each week with links out to the places they came from.

I used to subscribe to the NYT cooking newsletter but it is behind a paywall now :frowning:

The newsletters I get are:

Kotaku: A quick overview of popular gaming news so I’m not refreshing Twitter all day.

Spinter: A very high level overview of leftist politics that’s usually funny.

Lifehacker: Popular tips and tricks for random stuff.

Five Thirty-Eight: They send out a daily significant numbers email that is an interesting read.

Weird Fucking Games ( A list of strange games that is worth checking out.

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Most of my regular reading is on RSS feeds. My only newsletter subscription is Video Game Deep Cuts, a weekly round-up of game writing and videos.


Yes! I’m going to second video game deep cuts it’s a really great newsletter for catching the stories you might have missed.

The only one I get is Orbital Operations, by author Warren Ellis. You may know Warren Ellis as the writer of comics like Transmetropolitan, Planetary, Trees, Injection, RED, and the Wildstorm series. He’s also a terrific novelist, having written one of my favorite books, Crooked Little Vein. Most recently, he’s the writer of the Castlevania animated series (though he has a ton of animated television under his belt from decades past). All-told he’s an EXTREMELY prolific writer, and one of the most consistent writers in the industry, especially given the breadth of his work.

Having said all that, the throughline for most of his work is underground cultures and futurism, both of which permeate his fantastic newsletter. It’s usually an update on what he’s been working on coupled with a ton of suggestions of things he’s been absorbing lately, be it books, movies, shows, art, websites, etc. plus his thoughts on the state of the things. Every time I open it, I’m surprised how much I love reading it.

Sign up page is here:
His website is here:

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