Email notifications for replies includes a user's real name


I posted this in the discord but I should probably post here too. When someone replies to me or tags me in the forum, I get an email from the waypoint forum, but the name attached to the sender is the person’s name; sometimes the username and sometimes their real name. I feel maybe it should always default to the username and never use the real name? I imagine this is because not everyone put their real name in when they signed up; but even if they did, maybe it shouldn’t surface in the emails.


Hey, @superhiero! Thanks for raising this concern. The mod team have taken a look at the options that our forum software has for this and have disabled the option that would use someone’s (listed) name from their profile, so this definitely won’t happen again.

However, on further consideration, we also decided it would be better to disable the ‘name’ functionality as a whole. While folks could always opt out of entering their name, some people might not have realised how other folks could see it in the forums. Given that people can always include it in their user description or linked social media profiles, we felt that the functionality was unnecessary for the forums when we sat down and really thought about it.

If people have push back to this change, we are, of course, happy to hear it and to reconsider our course of action. Consequently, I will leave this thread unlocked so folks can weigh in on it.