End of Year 2018: Favorite Comics/Manga


Favorite Comics/Manga

They say a picture paints a thousand words, sure, but how many words do we get if we put those pictures into an organized sequence, eh?

This discussion thread is here for you to talk about all the sequential art that had you delightfully following along this year. No matter the medium, genre or area of origin we want to hear about all those comics/manga of 2018 that filled your vision.

Hopefully we can swell our already large ‘need to read’ lists. Unrelated, Did You Know that Tsundoku is the Japanese word for buying books and never getting around to reading them.

Discussion Thread

This category is not involved in our nomination/voting process and instead is all about discussing your favs!

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Q: End of Year? What's that?

A: I’m glad you asked! Just head over to our pinned topic if you need a catch up! You can also find details on the process for the event here.

Q: What is eligible to be discussed?

A: Though we’re still largely looking for discussion of things that released in 2018, given that this is a discussion thread separate from the nomination process we’re happy to be a little more lax on items that might fall into a grey area. You’re free to use your own judgement with that, and to reach out to us if there’s anything you’re not sure of.

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End of Year 2018: Waypoint Community's Favorites


But seriously Nancy’s new author Olivia Jaimes has been on fire this year. I’m not normally a newspaper comics reader (i was when i was a kid) but this is one everyone should be reading.

Especially since a bunch of old dudes are mad that the previous authors dull and lifeless 3 decade run on Nancy ended and was taken over by this “millennial trash”.

This is the first time in decades Nancy has been funny. I think it really lives up to the Ernie Bushmiller originals but updates them for modern audiences.


For the second year in a row I’m having a hard time saying anything other than ShortBox comics. They’re a tiny publisher from the UK headed by an acclaimed critic Zainab Akhtar and somehow, I really don’t understand how, everything they put out is gold. Most notably for me this year they released Beneath the Dead Oak Tree by Emily Carroll, who is my favourite comics creator, Homunculus by Joe Sparrow, Your Mother’s Fox by Niv Sekar, and The River Bank by George Mager. All 4 are just such solid books that understand graphic storytelling so so well.

As a sidenote, some of my favourite autobio comics work this year was done by the vocalist of a Toronto punk band. Here’s one about therapy, and he has a whole 3-part saga about his relationship with cactuses.His newest one made me say the words “honey money” non-stop for at least 24 hours.


Go For It, Nakamura is the pure and innocent comedy yaoi I’ve needed all my life. Admittedly, I’m not well-versed in the BL genre so I don’t want to conclude that most of it is just dark and horny, but I do have a hard time sifting through the huge glut of that for the lighter fare. Nakamura’s your standard awkward protag, but he’s really funny and relatable; his crush on Hirose also takes him to some pretty unexpected places throughout the story. The art is very reminiscent of Rumiko Takahashi (Ranma, Inuyasha), which might totally be your jam (like it is for me).

So Nakamura doesn’t exactly tread new ground, but it’s very creative and there just don’t seem to be a lot of stories like this for gay folks like me. Deeply looking forward to future volumes as well as Syundei’s future work. And shoutout to BL expert and Waypoint contributor Anne Lee for randomly tweeting about it! Definitely among the best discoveries I made this year.


I really liked Monstress vol 3 by Marjorie Liu and Santa Takeda. The artwork is superb and I’m digging the complex mythology that slowly gets revealed.

Lacking in titles published this year otherwise…I found this article in the av club that gave me some ideas to put on hold at the library


Gotta be Prism Stalker by Sloane Leong for me. It is cool as hell. The biopunk abstract future world of pneumatic kung-fu and psychic buildings and completely inhuman aliens is totally unlike anything I’ve read before. It’s a feast for the eyes and I can’t wait to see where Leong is going with it.


I’ve been a bit (a lot) out of date on comics for the last few years, but I did just order myself a copy of the first volume of Prism Stalker and eagerly awaiting a read, so I may end up joining you on the nomination.


Not 2018 works, but I read through Batgirl of Burnside and Spider-Gwen this year and they’re both excellent modern day takes on superheroines, y’know the kind that actually have lives with a tangible impact on their superheroics. Definitely wanted to shout those out because they were delightful.


For me it’s gonna be Monstress and Delicious in Dungeon. I enjoyed the first volume of Prism Stalker and will be checking out the second volume when it is available but found it a little lacking in terms of world building. That’s not the best way to put it, but I wasn’t as hit by the series as I hoped I would be.

Special mention to the Devilman reissues by Seven Seas. Absolutely beautiful presentation by the publisher for a story that I found to be remarkably not good. Truly a bummer.

Edit: totally forgot that Descender ended this year. It is so beautiful and so good. Maybe that was my favorite of the year.


I’ve caught up on few 2018 comics that were really good, Junji Ito’s Frankenstein , super creepy and funny in parts too, Prism Stalker which has already been mentioned, and Rice Boy by Evan Dahm, surreal adventure story.