End of Year 2018: Favorite Multiplayer

Favorite Multiplayer

Games have merit as works of contemplation and isolation, to be thought over as minutes become hours. Yet this is not the only merit they can serve. There is a powerful social dimension to games too. This category looks to explore how y’all got on with multiplayer games this year.

This is multiplayer writ broadly, whether it be local or online, cooperative or competitive, one-on-one or battle royale. Which 2018 game brought you together with other people to give you a great time? That could be in the form of the oh-so-rare satisfying matchmaking system, sublime mechanics to encourage friendly interaction, or the kindling necessary to build a campfire of laughter among friends.

Okay, so, I’m leaving it up to you… where we dropping?

Nomination Submissions

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You will have until 5th January to nominate your games – this is our cut-off ahead of polling going live.

Remember: you can nominate up to three games, so be creative with your choices!

Be sure to check the Q&A section below if you have questions, otherwise feel free to reach out to one of us! We hope you enjoy this event and we’re excited to see what sorts of discussion each category inspires!


Q: End of Year? What's that?

A: I’m glad you asked! Just head over to our pinned topic if you need a catch up! You can also find details on the process for the event here.

Q: How do I nominate a game?

A: To nominate a game, head on over to our google form and write down your submissions in the appropriate field. You may nominate up to three games and you will be able to edit this submission at any time by returning to the google form (before the nomination date closes).

As the nominations will be done externally, this thread will instead be the place to discuss what your favorites were and to make the case for them if you feel strongly. We welcome thoughtful posts about how you made your decision, as long as we keep it positive and respectful.

Q: When does the nomination process end?

A: The period of time to make your nominations will end January 5th, 2019.

Q: What games can I nominate?

A: For this category, we’re specifically looking for games that were released between 10th December 2017 - 15th December 2018.

Games that either entered Early Access or hit 1.0 during this period are eligible.

Ports, remakes, and remasters are not eligible.

Standalone games/expansions are eligible, however Downloadable Content (DLC) is not.

Mobile and browser games are eligible as long as they meet all other relevant criteria.

The moderation team reserves the right to remove any game from nomination if necessary.

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When I didn’t have the time to sink lots of hours into a longer game, or the mood to play one of the many great indies that released this year, I found myself playing a lot of multiplayer games. None were quite like Sea of Thieves.

There was a lot that I liked at the launch of Sea of Thieves, between the art direction and the way Rare really nailed a perfect balance of making sailing an involved but intuitive process, one where you could have fun in the chaos of everything going wrong. That said, the game did feel a little light on things to do. It very much felt like a make your own fun sort of game, which I can appreciate up until the point where the fun for a lot of players became attacking smaller, less defended ships like my own. It wasn’t until Rare started rolling out their post-launch updates that the game really clicked for me.

The first major release was The Hungering Deep. After players were frustrated at the underwhelming Kraken encounter at launch, Rare went ahead and unleashed a megalodon-like sea monster into the game and with it, a good reason for players to work together. Watching the Waypoint crew take on the creature with a handful of rando players produced some of my favourite moments of this year.

The next time I really got into Sea of Thieves was with the Cursed Sails update, which introduced A.I-controlled Skeleton ships in the seas. Similar to the previous update, the game encouraged you to work with other players to take down this new threat and even added in a mechanic that allowed you to form an ‘alliance’ with other crews to share the gold you’d earn at the end. Sailing into battle with four or five other player ships to fight the skeleton crews is maybe my favourite multiplayer experience ever. It felt more climactic than just about any other multiplayer experience I can think of. I wish I’d thought to capture video of the event.

Rare has continued to iterate on the game with more updates. Most recently they made it so that the likes of the megalodon and the skeleton ships can be encountered randomly out in the open world as opposed at specific locations, going a long way in making the world of Sea of Thieves feel alive and emergent. I really can’t wait to see how the game evolves in the years to come. There’s a very solid foundation here for them to make something even better. Sea of Thieves could easily fit into my favourite ongoing games of 2018 but it is undoubtedly my favourite multiplayer game this year.


I’m going to put a quick word in for Pokémon Let’s Go on this category. Not for its competitive multiplayer (if it even has any), but for the local multiplayer couch co-op that it has. It’s super smooth and while not very complex, I can definitely see it being a draw-in for folks who might be happier on the sidelines than taking centre-stage with a game.


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