End of Year 2018: Favorite Ongoing Game

Favorite Ongoing Game

Games as a Service is a phrase we all heard a lot this year. There’s a change happening, especially in the AAA space, in how games are delivered to us. The finality of the launch release has eroded away. Not unlike MMOs from years past, these games serve as a foundation for additional experiences to be added & expanded upon post-launch. This isn’t inherently a good or bad thing, and there’s definitely a lot that goes into successfully making a game feel ever-evolving and responsive to the communities that enjoy them. As such, we wanted a place for folks to highlight how their favorite games have grown and changed for the better in 2018.

The nature of this category makes it difficult to only assess games that launched this year, so that is why we’re opening it up to any game that you feel was still alive & well in 2018. Maybe it was a game you’d played previously that released an expansion/dlc that brought you right back into its world, or maybe it was something that you found yourself playing habitually throughout the year, cementing itself as the coveted “forever game”. Whatever the case, we want to hear from you! What was your favorite ongoing game of 2018?

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You will have until 5th January to nominate your games – this is our cut-off ahead of polling going live.

Remember: you can nominate up to three games, so be creative with your choices!

Be sure to check the Q&A section below if you have questions, otherwise feel free to reach out to one of us! We hope you enjoy this event and we’re excited to see what sorts of discussion each category inspires!


Q: End of Year? What's that?

A: I’m glad you asked! Just head over to our pinned topic if you need a catch up! You can also find details on the process for the event here.

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A: To nominate a game, head on over to our google form and write down your submissions in the appropriate field. You may nominate up to three games and you will be able to edit this submission at any time by returning to the google form (before the nomination date closes).

As the nominations will be done externally, this thread will instead be the place to discuss what your favorites were and to make the case for them if you feel strongly. We welcome thoughtful posts about how you made your decision, as long as we keep it positive and respectful.

Q: When does the nomination process end?

A: The period of time to make your nominations will end January 5th, 2019.

Q: What games can I nominate?

A: For this category, we’re specifically looking for games that received new content/updates in 2018, regardless of their original launch date.

Early Access games that have received new content/updates during this year are eligible.

Mobile and browser games are eligible as long as they meet all other relevant criteria.

The moderation team reserves the right to remove any game from nomination if necessary.

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This is a bad answer.

God, I do not like giving this answer.

For me, it is, still, Overwatch – a game with flaws which might well put me off coming back to it next year. The new characters have not landed for me (Wrecking Ball) or others (Ashe) and the balance reworks over the last year have, frankly, let a lot to be desired, between the sledgehammer regularly taken to support characters (e.g. Mercy, Brigitte) and a developer community that, often, seems to give more credence to the Overwatch professional ‘DPS’ players and Reddit mob than they do to anyone else.

But. I still played a lot of Overwatch in 2018. I’ve found some of the new characters to be great (Ashe is a blast to play), the events have generally been solid, and the game still gets me coming back, despite taking hiatuses and having points of deep frustration with the game and its community.

And yet… I hesitate on this submit button.

  1. Warframe - Been playing this game for 5 years and loving every minute of it. I enjoy their consistency on updating their game with new quest, weapons and warframes. I also like watching their live streams where they address any problems the players and developers are facing while playing the game and their goals in the future. They also highlight what the community is up to whether their touring Dojos made by other clans or showing cosmetic designs which can be bought by the players and some of the proceeds can go to the artist themselves.

This year they brought this game on a Switch and apparently this game runs pretty well with minor issues. Any players who been playing this on pc can copy their current account to the switch and continue off from where they left. Their biggest expansion Fortuna allows players to help a struggling mining community fend off against their capitalist overlord Nef Anyo. Players can also explore a icy terraformed planet on Venus while cruising on a K-Drive (Hoverboard) and help conserve the wildlife and earning floofs (plushies)

  1. Rainbow Six Siege - Normally i don’t play pvp game that often especially with hardcore settings where you have only one life per match. Makes me feel embarrassed when i die early in the game and people might blame you for losing the match. But for some reason this game feels different. I enjoy helping my team fortify a rooms against the attackers and i enjoy trying to bust my way through the enemy defense as an attacker. There are many ways you can support your team even if your not great at killing your enemies. I also like the characters they make from around the world.

  2. Ghost Recon Wildlands - This game surprises me because they continue to support this game long after they launched this game and their season pass. They added pvp which i haven’t tried but hear people like playing it especially if your into games like SOCOM multiplayer. They been adding missions that’s connected to other Tom Clancy game such as Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, and currently they added a mission connected to Ghost Recon: Future Soldiers. There’s also a mission where the Predator is involved.


I’d have to give it to Warframe as well, even though I haven’t played it for a while now. The amount of support they are giving that (free) game is absolutely incredible. Also the fact that you can get everything by working at it for a reasonable amount of time instead of having to pay is very much appreciated. It made me tip them $20 after however many hours of free play just because I enjoyed myself so much. I don’t think I ever even really used the currency that that gave me.

If there’s an award for the opposite of this idea, however, I would have to give it to Stellaris. Stellaris was great and amazing even if it had some problems, but over time they have added to it and expanded it and changed things so dramatically that now it is incomprehensibly complicated and basically unplayable for me. It’s a shame, because I liked it a lot.


I’ve got 2.

  1. Girls’ Frontline - A mobile game from China, which finally got its EN release earlier this year. Despite it’s mobile origins, the gameplay is very interesting in a fiddly numbers and squad makeups and DPS calculations kind of way. It’s also quite a lot friendlier to f2p players than FGO and gacha games in that style. It rounds out the good gameplay with a really great story and music

  1. Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood - I think it’s (rightly) hard to mention any ongoing game without XIV popping in there. It’s just consistently good at what it does, and this year was no exception for it. Even when I fall off the game (like right now waiting for this expac’s story to wrap up), it is always there waiting for me to come back and with even more on offer. I can’t think of many other games where the content gets changed and updated frequently but also doesn’t eventually feel like it becomes too unfamiliar and no longer approachable. XIV hits that mark and presents some of the best outings to date this year (Ultimate difficulty, the Four Lords, Eureka in small doses, Alphascape, the Ivalice raids, Doma reconstruction)


I’ve been playing a ton of Fortnite in 2018. Last year when Epic announced a Battle Royale style mode for their co-op shooter, I was definitely in the skeptical category since PUBG came out. But also, my computer couldn’t handle PUBG in it’s current Early Access status and it left me with an itch I couldn’t scratch. So I booted up the game on my PS4 and gave it a shot. I was absolutely enthralled the moment I landed. From the floating Battle Bus to the mobility options building gives you, it was a very unique game at the time.

And then the game slowly started to find it’s voice. It was no longer this map built from prefabricated buildings from the PvE mode. There were now unique areas of interest, there are now new biomes, and the game is doing unique in game events that tells a story. Not to mention the super cool in game event that happened back at the beginning of November.

I appreciate Epic constantly experimenting with this game. Every time I log in, there’s something new that makes the game still feel fresh.


If I’m going by pure quality and excitement for an ongoing game, like others have said both Fortnite and Overwatch are probably my picks. But I just wanted to shout out the odd duck that shouldn’t really exist in the current online multiplayer marketplace. It’s a game that basically died on the vine, was rebuilt, and came out swinging four years after its release, and many more years since its name had been truly relevant. I am of course talking about Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

It is astounding that 343 and Microsoft attempted to resuscitate this absolute mess of a game well after the fanbase left it to wither. But they went to work, and what they delivered in 2018 more than lives up to the series’s legacy. Online matchmaking became faster and more reliable, quitters and griefers were more strictly moderated, and the introduction of a match composer made finding a specific gametype easier. With its debut on Gamepass the playerbase has grown to a respectable size and the dream of the ultimate Halo client has finally been realized. It is now an ongoing game worthy of the name.


I just want to toss out a pitch for nominating No Man’s Sky. I think the work they’ve been doing to expand it, and all without DLC, has been fantastic. The release of NEXT this year and major patches since then have got me back in and excited to play it as well as looking forward to the future. Although I enjoyed the game at launch, the game that they’ve got going now is so much more fleshed out and in line with what I was hoping they’d be able to do.


Okay I’ve got kind of a weird one, I think. I really liked Battlefield 1 in the first like third or half of this year. They added their Gallipoli maps and a few other things, but also just released a disc that gave you everything released for the game (Battlefield 1 Revolution). Battlefield 1 is my favorite Battlefield, because its setting feels most cohesive with its chaos. The mud, craters, explosions, the way beautiful maps turned into hellscapes by the end of a round, just made so much sense with the kind of jury-rigged feel of the guns and the vehicles. The game just had a distinct feel to me that the modern-set Battlefields didn’t, and I can’t yet tell if BFV will deliver it either. It’s unfortunate that it’s probably to some extent dead now. I’m sure I could play Operations if I felt like waiting for the lobby to fill, but it’s not going to get more stuff as far as I know.

I wish Destiny 2 had kept my interest, I feel like I should try getting back to it but I’ve become really intimidated by it.


Overwatch. Sigh.

It’s the only ongoing game I play. But it’s only to solo queue competitive, not to actually have fun, so you should probably ignore me.

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DLC, sadly, are not eligible for the Gilm Awards 2018, so I’m here to commend Splatoon 2, a game which I’ve fallen off a bit lately but has still been high in my rotation in 2018.

The sun is slowly starting to set on Spla2n. It received it’s last set of new weapons earlier this month, and Splatfests will continue up until July of next year, but the game has had a great year. Tonnes of regular updates, a complete refresh of how Splatfests work, lots of awesome new music and the amazing, oddball Octo expansion which features some of my favourite music of any game this year.

Take this little ambient overworld track.


Battlefield 1 is honestly probably one of my favorite multiplayer shooters like…ever? Everything you said is spot on and something about the scope and scale in tandem with that setting gave it this hectic, grand feeling I just haven’t really felt in another multiplayer mode. And I feel like it’s 2018 DLC maps were so underrated (god Passchendaele is such an absolute terrifying hellhole, they really captured that). It’s a shame because it was hard to find a match sometimes even soon after the russian revolution stuff dropped. I tried about a week ago and had a super long wait getting into anything remotely full. A real shame, but I still have the 150+ hours clocked into it to remember fondly.


I friggin forgot about Passchendaele! Was the Somme one of the later additions, too, or was the pretty early? I’m remembering this particularly hellish map that was just covered in fire and smoke from the jump, contrasting with some of the other maps that start beautiful and lush and transform into hellscapes.

What a good game. I’m holding out hope that parts of BFV can hit similar notes.

It feels like I’m being insufficient when I say Bungie was not fucking around when they added all that heaping of content to Destiny 2 with Forsaken.


Yup! Somme and Passchendaele (The one you’re likely thinking of, pretty much half on fire and half covered in chlorine gas and smog right from the start) were released in Apocalypse in like March or February and were both excellent/scary.

I’ll stop here (I could ramble all day about how WW1 should be explored way more from different angles and all that) because I feel like the mods might (fairly) think this isn’t in the spirit of the category considering the game was only really “ongoing” as of the earlier half of this year, but I just also wanted to shoutout it’s 2018 content as being interesting and enough to keep me playing all year.


Don’t let us stop you – we want this to be a place for any 2018 ongoing discussion, even if it was only an expansion that dropped in January 2018. Everyone’s talking about recency bias these days – don’t let yourself be beholden to it!

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Ok cool, glad you’re ok with it. So let’s talk history. The media portrayal of the Brusilov Offensive in June of 1916 is severely lacking for several reasons, the most egregious being…(1/416)


Is it worth picking up now?

How is the player count now that BFV is out?

First post strongly implies video but I choose to ignore that and go tabletop.

I’m going to have to say Masks with the very excellent Unbound playbook recently released. Masks is already a solid ttrpg about growing into an identity and having your self-hood being pushed and pulled between how you see yourself and how other people want you to be, and Unbound complicates the basic formula by giving rules for it being a street-level teenage superhero game or my hero academia-esque or space road trip, among others.


I continue to have a lot of issues with Destiny 2’s microtransactions but they’ve made some good compromises with some of it, by letting you buy shaders anytime you want them once you’ve gotten them once and still hand out the almost purely cosmetic items (ghosts can have minor bonuses to XP [which in the post game only gets you more loot boxes anyways] and some sparrows are quicker to use) pretty regularly via leveling. And this year they’ve added a LOT to the game and while I don’t love all of it I do love shooting bows so for me Forsaken is the obvious choice for this category