End of Year 2018: Feedback Thread


End of Year 2018: Your Feedback

Hello everyone! Welcome to what will be the final thread in our End of Year event. Earlier we published a thread highlighting what were this community’s favorites from 2018 and now, with the event wrapped, we want to hear from you.

When we were planning this event we wanted to try some new ideas and experiment with our process. Some of those ideas turned out great, others we’re not as sure about. As a small group of admins our perspective is limited, so that is why we are interested in hearing what you (as participants) thought worked and what didn’t. This is something we’d like to do again for 2019 and your opinions will be greatly appreciated in helping us figure out how we’ll make this event even better.

To give you an idea of the type of questions we’re hoping to be answered, here are some examples:

  • How could our commuciation have been better?
  • What did you think of the categories? Were there any omissions?
  • How did you feel about the event’s schedule and timeframe?
  • How did you feel about the nomination phase and the change to using google forms?
  • What did & didn’t you like about the presentation of the event, and of the end results?
  • What would you like to see next time?

You are welcome to share feedback outside of these parameters but these are specifically the sort of thing we’ll be discussing in our internal evaluation in the future. Feel free to share your thoughts below!

End of Year 2018: Threads

End of Year 2018: Special Thanks

Before I go I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who helped make this event a reality. It has been a couple of months of hard work and long discussions, and there were many people across all of our moderating staffs that pitched in. It would have not been possible to create and oversee this event for the community without these folks giving up their free time and energy to do the many tasks involved in putting these threads together. It was a team effort and one I’m personally proud to have been involved with.

I would also like to thank everyone who participated in the event. You made our efforts worthwhile with your thoughtful and interesting discussions across all of our categories, and we were happy to feature some of that writing in our Community Favorites thread. We hope you’ll continue to help us shape this event into a fun & exciting one, and continue to make this a wonderful community to be a part of. Once again, thank-you!

Waypoint Community End of Year III

Thanks to all the mods who helped put this together, it was fun!
Positive feedback, the live action and animated media catagories were a great idea and I’d use that in future.


I’m typically late to media released in a given year but the annual Ends of Year here have been the most interesting out of all the sites I lurk at, so I’ll do my best to participate more at the end of 2019. Thanks mods! Y’all should be proud!


I quite liked how this years polls went! There were a lot of changes, but I think most of them were positive.

The main complain I want to express was confusion about the threads without polls and nominations. Specifically (being a gaming forum) the small game thread is something I consider essential, but I was confused still about what constituted “small” (which is kind of referenced in the title). I couldn’t really understand whether it was supposed to run parallel to the main GOTY thread or not? I would have just liked a little more clarity on that front

All in all I really liked it this year! Loved the Fashion thread, and really liked to see a wide spread of games and art being appreciated


Thank-you for the feedback!

The “What is Small” games thread is definitely one I’d like to revisit & revise next time around. There was a sentiment among the team of wanting a category where smaller games would get their chance at the spotlight without being overshadowed by games from established names & bigger studios. Though we struggled to find a category or even a definition for these games that adequately satisfied what we were looking for. Personally speaking the sorts of game that inspired me to push for this category were One Night Hot Springs, September 1999, Fugue in Void, anything from the Sokpop Collective, etc. Games created by one person or a small team, that are mostly short experiences that wouldn’t necessarily get the attention that a big name like Toby Fox or an established studio like Supergiant Games would.

The category ended up being a little more broad because we weren’t quite sure how to describe it. At one point we were considering a category for “fav itchio game” but that ran the risk of something like Celeste (though deserving of attention) dominating and leaving less space for tiny projects and alt games. If anyone had suggestions for how we might create a category that gives space to these small games while painting a clearer picture of what we mean by “small”, I’d love to hear your suggestions. We can’t guarantee we’d use them but they’d absolutely be discussed in our internal planning.