End of Year 2019: The Waypoint Runway (Favorite Fashion)

The Waypoint Runway (Favorite Fashion)

Every year, new games provide us with a huge range of verbs to play with. We can run, jump, fight, build, talk, and connect. And every year, that list seems to get larger and larger. But this thread is only concerned with one thing in particular: can you look good?

In this thread, we want to hear what in-game fashion you liked the most. What game served up the freshest looks? Human fashion, animal fashion, robot fashion, alien fashion, all of it is fair game here. Maybe it let you pick out your the outfit and play dress-up, or maybe it was a character design that left you envious of their enticing style. Whatever the case, we put the question to you: what were the games with the hottest looks and your favorite fashion?

So come on, take a turn on the catwalk, because this is The Waypoint Runway!

Discussion Thread

This thread is all about discussing your favorites! The end of the year is always a great opportunity to look back and reflect on what we loved, but it’s also a great time to remind ourselves of what we missed and want to come back to next year. So give a recommendation, get a recommendation, and above all please be respectful and have a good time!

Be sure to check the Q&A section below if you have questions, otherwise feel free to reach out to one of us! We hope you enjoy this event and we’re excited to see what sorts of discussion each category inspires!

Please Note: We’re planning to write-up a summary thread at the end of the event and include various members’ quotes from the discussion threads, just like last year. The quotes that we select will be attributed to their authors and only posted on this forum (forum.waypoint.vice.com). If you would prefer to not be quoted in the summary thread, please indicate this in your posts.


Q: End of Year? What's that?

A: I’m glad you asked! Just head over to our pinned topic if you need a catch up! You can also find details on the process for the event here.

Q: What can I discuss in this thread?

A: Anything that you think fits the topic! Feel free to share your favorite experiences of 2019, whether they occurred in media that released in 2019 or media from a previous year.

Q: Where are the nominations?

A: This year we’re structuring things a little differently: we’ll be posting discussion threads over the second half of December, and nominations won’t begin until January. This will give you a few more weeks to play more games before you’ll need to lock in your votes. We also hope that by focusing on open discussion threads, the event will be more inclusive of folks who haven’t been able to play many games from this year.


Getting my favorite goose dressed up for chaos and confusion was one of my favorite fashion moments of 2019. Truly unforgettable.



So I spent a lot of time adjusting my outfit in Pokemon SwSh and of the Pokemons it by far had the best options. But given how long it took me to figure out and how cool I felt wearing it, I gotta give it up to this special suit from Control:


I love the fashion found throughout Death Stranding. Particularly, Fragile’s costume is going to make for a stellar cosplay



That suit rules, but also the “pyramid” hair clip you get with the suit that comes from beating the game is CHOICE.


non video games answer, because I have to mention it: Lio Fotia is a fashion icon

but for video games, it has to be Final Fantasy XIV


Daemon Ex Machina ! Mech and cyberpunk pilot fashion.


Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a game that is pretty slight in terms of fashion options compared to most other games. But if, like me, you decided to play the game using only boot weapons you could pull off a couple (mostly ridiculous) looks.

Here're some of mine from various points in my journey


Before I mention my runaway favorite I wanna second the love for Lio and FFXIV. If you play XIV you know about the hot fit that is the Urban Coat.

My favorite fashion of 2019 was Pokemon Sword and Shield for a personal reason. If I’m being honest I actually think that the fashion customization in SnS could have been stronger, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut

I’m trans and while I’m at the point that I know and actively want to transition, for a variety of reasons I can’t do it yet. I started playing SnS on a night I was feeling some dysphoria about my body. I chose the female avatar, went to the hair stylist, and gave her the big eyebrows and a pixie cut. I turned her into my lil baby trans lady, and being able to do that really brightened my mood.


I mean, when you’re hot, sometimes you gotta flaunt it


I need to nominate this one from Dragon Quest XI S, which is the hardest I’ve ever laughed at a JRPG. Hendrick is not happy to be a clown… at all.


That outfit is so good. (Control Spoiler)If only I could get the mustard suit with a crimson pyramid hairpin, that would be choice


Having a sense that I had even a fraction of a part in making this category a thing, I’m disappointed in myself that there’s nothing that has me jumping up and down fashion-wise this year.

Hell, this is the year I got back on my bullshit of tacticool is actually pretty cool and started looking at actual military camo jackets again and even with that in mind the looks in The Division 2 are still nothing to the fine ass winterwear of The Division 1.

So yeah, put me down as another for Control… but like Dr. Casper Darling in his sweater and lab coat whatchamahaveyou.



FFXIV is the correct answer I think.
I’m going to just also toss out No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again for the sole reason that I’ve never played a game that has contained so many t-shirts I wish I actually owned before.


I’m probably only halfway through it, but Code Vein’s character creator and fashion is so good, really love the character I was able to create.


I almost want to play this game just for the character design. Does it do full on fashion souls where your gear is customizable too?

Of course FFXIV. Don’t have access to my screenshots now but I had some looks.

Also Fire Emblem: Three Houses had some lovely getups.


I love this character so much!

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Unfortunately it doesn’t really get close to fashion souls at all. There’s only one armor slot, called the Blood Veil. They can range from smaller capes to body-length jackets. The photo below shows one I got pretty early. So far I’ve seen nine or so different types of armor, with some different color variations available, so I don’t think there’s a whole lot of variety, but like I said I’m probably only halfway through.

Thankfully you can change your clothing and some aspects of your appearance at any time in the hub area, so if you get bored of your look it’s really easy to try out something new.


I would like to nominate No.2 Type B Leggings from Final Fantasy XIV, the gender and job agnostic glamour item that is the only way to change how your character’s posterior looks (as in, to look like 2B’s).

In a game where people often joke that the true endgame is glamour (see: fashion), it obviously made huge waves across the entire FFXIV community.