End of Year 2020: The Waypoint Runway (Favorite Fashion)

Every year, new games provide us with a huge range of verbs to play with. We can run, jump, fight, build, talk, and connect. And every year, that list seems to get larger and larger. But this thread is only concerned with one thing in particular: can you look good?

In this thread, we want to hear what in-game fashion you liked the most. What game served up the freshest looks? Human fashion, animal fashion, robot fashion, alien fashion, all of it is fair game here. Maybe it let you pick out your the outfit and play dress-up, or maybe it was a character design that left you envious of their enticing style. Whatever the case, we put the question to you: what were the games with the hottest looks and your favorite fashion?

So come on, take a turn on the catwalk, because this is The Waypoint Runway!

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I have a big collection of outfits in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

It’s been fun to switch them around, especially when visiting other people. Currently, everyone else has winter vibes whereas I’m here in summer in the Southen Hemisphere lol.


Gotta go with Paradise Killer for this one, personally.
Just look at these beautiful people in beautiful clothes


I gotta give a special shout-out to Ichiban’s fly-ass red suit in Yakuza Like a Dragon, but also, he beats people senseless with a giant vibrator and that’s a unique gaming experience.


The only reason I continue to play the sizzling-hot, brand-new 2020 release Phantasy Star Online 2 is because I love making outfits for my characters in it!!! To this day I’ve spent millions (of in-game money that you cannot purchase with actual human currency) on various clothing parts and accessories.

I have been periodically posting my various outfits in the “Show off your player characters!” thread but as a treat I’ll post some of my more recent ensembles here!


Second Paradise Killer on this one. So many good looks in that game, easily my favourite character designs of the year and a lot of that comes down to the threads.

Not my nomination, but the red dress you can get for Aerith in FFVIIR deserves a shoutout.


As Royal was released this year I’m going to go with the Shujin Academy fit. Wish I could look this vibey when I was a teen.


best looks this year were in Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore (switch)

and all the vibing I did in Animal Crossing


Was I the one who originally suggested the category?

I looked. I don’t know but I alluded to the same question in 2019’s thread.

Anyway, Hades

Look at Night Mom. Look at the next level she’s on.

Eurydice working with effective spring, autumn, summer, probably even winter colors and the daring choice of getting away with a song called “Good Riddance” without a Green Day reference in a game made by Bay Area devs.

Achilles giving us “grew out of it but still dresses like a himbo.”

Demeter with her stately grandeur and f-off-ness.

Even Zag is the Persona 5 protagonist of ancient Greece.


Rather than attractiveness, I feel like the Hades chatter should have been about how well-coloured the characters are. Asterius has bright pink horn tips! That he matched to his axe! I could stare at them forever, big power move.

I also want to shout out Arknights here. I don’t really know how to describe the general aesthetic other than “everyone is here to fight with their cool jacket”, but that’s fine because I love cool jackets. If you are an Arknights character do not leave me alone with your jacket, I will steal it.


Oh nobody else will remember this game, but Banner of the Maid had some looks. Here’s Murat:

And of course, Best Unit, Adelaide:


One more vote for the impeccable style of Paradise Killer, but I also really enjoyed the 80s looks of A Summer’s End - Hong Kong 1986:

And of course, it wouldn’t do to forget the sharp-suited ladies of Helltaker:


Me, having only experienced Helltaker via Twitter fanart: Oh yeah, I guess they do wear clothes sometimes


A Summer’s End’s looks so good. I really appreciate when characters change clothes throughout a game or series. It’s a lot of extra work but does a whole lot to sell a character to me.


I would like to shout out Breath of the Wild mods! For years, people have been (and still are) building mods to make Linkle or Zelda playable characters, and a big part of that is creating clothing for them. Not everything is to my tastes, but I’d say some variations on Link’s outfits are more stylish than the original. There is also a handful of brand-new outfits not available to Link at all, lots of “cosplay”, some holiday-themed clothing, and a few hairstyle and make-up options. It’s not always super flashy stuff, but it’s very comprehensive and mostly consistent with the game’s art direction. If Nintendo decides to add these characters to the sequel, they have a pretty high bar to clear in my opinion.


I came here to say Helltaker. What can I say? Demon girls with white hair in suits is a good fucking look. I feel this game should win for Justice alone.

Hades is such a strong choice as well though. I would have never thought of it as like “”“fashion”"", just downright amazing character design. But it’s true: the fashion both feels modern and distinctly ancient Greece.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is also a top tier choice, somehow making character designs from the mid nineties look amazing in high definition and not goofy as hell is an achievement.

As for games not mentioned yet, gonna give a shout out to Haven. While I do love the “out and about in the world being a sci-fi couple” outfit they have going on, it’s the lowkey moments when they’re back on their ship that impress me, showing characters lounging in comfortable clothes and everyday outfits. It really does a lot to bring out their characters more than just having them be in the same sci-fi outfit the entire time.