End of Year 2021: The Waypoint Runway (Favorite Fashion)

Every year, new games provide us with a huge range of verbs to play with. We can run, jump, fight, build, talk, and connect. And every year, that list seems to get larger and larger. But this thread is only concerned with one thing in particular: can you look good?

In this thread, we want to hear what in-game fashion you liked the most. What game served up the freshest looks? Human fashion, animal fashion, robot fashion, alien fashion, all of it is fair game here. Maybe it let you pick out your outfit and play dress-up, or maybe it was a character design that left you envious of their enticing style. Whatever the case, we put the question to you: what were the games with the hottest looks and your favorite fashion?

So come on, take a turn on the catwalk, because this is The Waypoint Runway!

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Have to mention Neo: TWEWY here even if tragically cannot actually dress up your characters, the fashion is purely menu items, because the game is pretty obviously a bit of a budget release.

But some photoshopping can give the people what they want (courtesy of reddit):



My GOTY contributions this year are just gonna be me gushing about Guilty Gear Strive, and I’m fine with that.

I wanna shout out my guy, the Secretary of ABSOLUTE DEFENSE, Goldlewis Dickinson

I love a man in uniform

The jacket, the dual-skull belt buckle and tie clip, the horseshoe gloves, that big pomp and magnificent beard, absolute badass all the way. Also, shout out to Arcsys for giving us a fat character who’s allowed to be fat AND awesome. His clothes fit, he’s not defined by his relationship to food, and he’s not a comic oaf. It’s cool, and I hope more fighting games follow suit.


I’m very fond of some of the arnor designs in Loop Hero. Little things like this character having an arrow pinned in their cloak.


I don’t have any specific outfits in mind but Sable has a ton of good fashion. Great clothes and some really great masks all around.

I’m a few years late to it but I finally played Bloodborne and that has some great fashionsouls in it too. And since the stats on them largely don’t matter, you can kinda wear whatever whenever. I went with the Knight’s Garb for most of the game and swapped hats around when I felt the need to. The Golden Ardeo in particular is a favorite for FromSoft headgear.


I was thinking about this, and I kept coming back to the detailed-with-personality character portraits in Loop Hero too, something that also extends to the Encyclopedia too.


Metroid Dread with Samus’ default Power Suit looking slick with a color palette that works surprisingly well when it’s all put together like this.

Deathloop with Colt and Julianna being retro-future style icons.

Tthey both also have some cool alternate fits.

And I know it’s safe but Agent 47’s got some slick suits in Hitman III, with a few that I find particularly fashionable in a more grounded sense.

Lastly, I just like Rivet’s design in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. It’s not just “girl Ratchet”. The stark yellow robo-arm, the goggles, the orange scarf, and the earrings are all distinct features that also express her character. The tuft of hair on her forehead is a nice little touch too.


God, there are so many good options this year and I think everyone has already mentioned my favourites.

So to reiterate one,
Guilty Gear Strive
I just love all the character designs in this game.


I love the entire aesthetic of Deathloop, but Gnosia also had some absolute icons. Love you Raqio, even if it is impossible to keep you alive more than two days.


Fuck, how did I forget Gnosia?! Clearly the best pic.

Gnosia is a fantastic pick. Raqio alone should win this category.


I don’t think I played too many games that give you the sort of fashionable freedom I think of in respect to this category but the closest one would be Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.

For me one of the most exciting elements of the game was entering a new area or encountering a brand new monster and wondering what the weapons and armor set made from its parts look like. I’ve never played a Monster Hunter game outside of this one so all the designs were a total surprise to but I was (for the most part) extremely delighted to get back to town and see what I could make. With the game being an RPG, stats and abilities were something to consider but my primary concern was whether or not my character looked nice in whatever I was about to craft. There’s no proper photo mode in the game to show 'em off how I’d like to but you can rewatch all the real-time cutscenes in the game, which is honestly close enough for me.

A couple more screenshots.

You can also tweak the colors a little bit on your armor if you want. Not enough to completely change the set’s color scheme but enough to get some nice alternate palettes goin’.

As far as games without character creators go, the other standout for me would have to be all the multi-layered combat/streetwear uniforms (plus the fantasy themed DLC outfits) your party members are decked out with in Scarlet Nexus. But there’s far too many examples for me to choose from there (that, and I’m way too lazy to go out and take nice screenshots of them all) so instead I’ll give some shoutsouts to The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles which has, for my money, the sharpest dressed cast in the history of the Ace Attorney series.

You could make the argument using any single character from a given case but I think many of the key characters in case 2-3 (The Return of the Great Departed Soul) are the ones to do it with because they’re in fierce competition as the coolest character design introduced in their case.

Potential spoilers for the case mentioned in the images attached, by the way.


Not a serious recommendation, but just for fun: No More Heroes 3 basically for this outfit only.


Shout-out to the character artist who saw Johnny Bravo and said “I can fix him”


Gotta give a nomination to Monster Hunter Rise. MonHun games usually have good fashion imo, and while in late game, people usually focus on acquiring armor based on stats and skills, I always like to account for fashion as well.


Agree about MHS2, it’s a beautiful game and the fashion options are diverse.


I continued to find good new fashion thanks to the DLC for Animal Crossing this year. They added some really good hairstyles too!

And I’ve been enjoying the trend of new Pokemon games and remakes of having fashion options available. Important to look stylish while beating the Elite Four in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond.