End of Year: Favorite Fashion


Gonna second this one. Between some of the more extravagant skins, there have been a few where I thought to myself “hey, I would wear that.”

Stand out outfits I would say is the Moniker, Power Chord, Teknique, Abstrakt, Sky Stalker, Drift (all stages), Huntress, Fortune, Rook, Maverick, Shade, Summit Striker, Bunnymoon, Mayhem, Elmira, Taro, Nara, and the recently released, Mothmando.

There’s definitely some more skins I would like to mention but this list is already long, But you can see all the skins here: https://www.stormshield.one/pvp/cosmetics


The Fashion HERO of 2018 is clearly the Peel P50 in Forza Horizon 4.

I rest my case.


scrolling through

I mean, they’re pretty styling, but I don’t know if-

sees the cowlick on Pikachu

Sweet. Mother. Of. God.

@diglett Um, I’ll have you know that the Ford F-100 is the true Forza Fashionista


God dammit, I’m gonna have to pick up Let’s Go Pikachu aren’t I


There is, past, present, and future, no better fashion accessory than a British Racing Green Jaguar E-Type.


Is Fortnite even eligible? It was in early access before December 10, 2017 and it never came out of early access unless I missed it.


I’ve taken to wearing a flat cap in Red Dead Redemption 2, along with a black henley’s style shirt and a highway man esque trench coat. Everyone walking around with Cowboy hats and chewing tobacco. I shaved my head and sport one hell of a moustache as well. Hot damn do I look damn stylish. A real cosmopolitan gent you might say.

Incidentally, I saw on instagram that Rock Star is now selling actual clothes from the game so you can look like Arthur as well. It’s an interesting way of making money, whether or not it’s actually good quality though, I’m not so sure.


Fortnite was quite clearly a dominant title in 2018. Games as a service games will always be current for a large number of people. Warframe for example was mentioned in the thread as well.


Regarding Fortnite, and other games that were not released this year but nonetheless had a presence:

When designating what games would be eligible for these categories we looked at what we done for our event last year, where we were pretty strict that it had to have been released that same year (or at least have entered early access). Obviously as time as went on the games-as-a-service model has continued to grow and with it we’re seeing more games that released in previous years continue to evolve and be a part of the conversation in the years following. We’re discussing internally about how this will affect our categories, and this category in particular is intended as both a teaser and also a way for us to gauge the community’s response to these sorts of questions.

Rest assured, whatever we ultimately decide there will still be space to discuss games such as Fortnite in our event.


I am kind of embarrassed to even suggest this, but: K/DA?


aren’t y’all forgetting about someone


the most fashionable boys in all of japan are here and they’re ready to win a fucking award


Dunno about y’all but Sparky doesn’t look like he’s afraid of a damn thing lol


Popped collar, open shirt? I don’t know, isn’t that a bit 90’s?


haven’t you heard? the 90s are back in a big way.


Oh, cool.


I think all the characters in Donut County had some pretty Good Looks

Consider Mira’s rad jacket + hair bow combo

And this Goose’s adorable little hat

Another contender for best fashion in videogames 2018? Well try this on for size, ,

wHat is more Fashion than Shoes?

and what i,s more Videogames than Speedrunning?

Yes that’s right, I’m talking about none other than

The Fast Shoes From Minit



I’m still kind of upset that the male character misses out on a bunch of eeveelution themed outfits, though…


I’m enjoying the fashion in Let’s Go Eevee, although the girl PC only having shorts is weird and kind of a bummer! Give me skirts or leggings???


Not gonna post a picture because it’s Spoilers, but Megaera from Hades has a truly transcendent fit