End of Year: Favorite Fashion


Kassandra in AC:Odyssey has some wonderful armor sets. The fact that I can assemble a full set of Amazonian armor (complete with a headpiece named the “Wondrous Circlet”) and live out my quasi-Wonder Woman fantasies is the icing on the cake.


2018’s most well dressed dude right here.


Danielle called this game a Xena simulator, but I had no idea it went that deep. Kass is bringing some high level Lucy Lawless energy with that look.


It’s glorious


I’d second that but it has to be mentioned that the project lead on Akali was let go right after she finished work on Akali after being promised promotions and raises. Also the K/DA Video is often referred to as a distraction from Riots toxic company culture.

That being said as the outfits are in game also I’d second that. Caveats observed…


It’s very nice.


Late Dog With Hat submission for 2018.


Full disclosure: I still haven’t played that Absolver DLC that came out this year but assume it has 3-5 really really good looks.