"Ended Before It's Time"


Have you ever watched any of Movies With Mikey? He did a wonderful episode on Serenity, which also addresses Firefly as a phenomenon, and what made it work, and also why it should never come back.


Everyone is talking about Terriers and apparently it’s not even available on DVD? There’s been a new trend I hate of TV shows produced for streaming services not hitting DVD (SHOUT FACTORY PLEASE DO A DIFFICULT PEOPLE BOX SET), but Terriers came out in 2010 and had a cult following. Why?


In a just world, Rob Thomas’s career would have followed the trajectory that Joss Whedon somehow ended up on instead.

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Awake. It ran for one season on NBC and it was about a cop who switched between realities everytime he went to bed. In one reality his wife was killed in a car accident and in the other it was his son who died. Naturally the crash was the result of nefarious means and along with that the main character also had to try to figure out which reality was real. It had a good cast that included Jason Isaacs, BD Wong, and Cherry Jones. It was high concept and probably would’ve gotten bad sooner than later, but I still miss it. The final shot was a real mind fuck.

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My answer to the original question is Constantine. Matt Ryan was just so damn good in the lead role. Harold Parrineau is great as the seemingly ultra-lawful neutral angel Manny. I do wish they had kept Lucy Griffiths as the sidekick, as the woman they replaced her with was one of the worst actors I’ve ever seen, but it was still great anyway.

I’m super happy Ryan has been able to resurrect (zing!) Constantine in Legends of Tomorrow, but it’s not the same.


I have but I don’t remember what he said about Firefly.


I’ve been meaning to revisit Pushing Daisies. I remember the show having a very distinct visual style, which I appreciate the hell out of.


+1 to Constantine, Almost Human, Sense 8

And I’d like to add Reaper to the list. It was a mostly procedural comedy show about a guy that finds out on his 21st birthday that his parents sold his soul to the devil when he was born, and now is forced to moonlight as a bounty hunter for escapees from hell. It got two seasons and ended on a huge cliffhanger.


In terms of a television show, I didn’t get to see the Birthday Boys’ show until it was on Netflix well after it was clear there wouldn’t be a third season. The last three or four episodes of Birthday Boys were so good, just hit sketch after hit sketch culminating in the Book Guy and the Skeleton King sketches in the series finale, both of which I love to death. I would love to have seen a third season where that cast could have more creative freedom to do the smart, meta sketches that defined the second season so well.

On an internet tip, I have a love/hate relationship with the way that Vox media tends to run its YouTube series. In 2012, they had an incredible sports commentary show starring Bomani Jones and a completely buckwild college football commentary show with Spencer Hall and Jason Kirk. Both of these shows had fantastic runs (and Shutdown Fullback continues as a great podcast to this day). That run of really good shows that don’t get to overstay their welcome continues to this day (Polygon’s Please Retweet and Griffin’s Amiibo Corner, SB Nation’s Breaking Madden) but it gets frustrating to know that some of the best internet video series work is going to end before I’m ready for it to end

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However, it is worth checking these suggestions


Just remembered Better Off Ted.


Carnivale is always my answer here. The show was cancelled just when it was getting its craziest. That’s still a fantastic show even if its two seasons barely digs into any of its plotpoints.

However, thanks to Twin Peaks: The Return, I can have my fan theory that Carnivale is actually prequel to Twin Peaks. (The atom bomb connects them.)

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The Last Man on Earth.

I totally get why people like Brooklyn 99, it’s a great fucking show, but if I had my druthers, it’s “Last Man” that would have got saved.


Not to mention that the devil was played by Ray Wise. Reaper was a very fun show.

As for my pick, Tru Calling is a show that I would have liked to see stick around to try and revolve some of the plot elements that they laid out before it got cancelled. I can’t say whether or it was good or not, but it was interesting to me at the time.


The problem with Sports Night is that it was an Aaron Sorkin show where Aaron Sorkin was writing every (or almost every?) episode, at the same time as he was doing the same thing with the West Wing. :confused:

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So reading this thread is how I just found out that show was cancelled. That really sucks. It was 1 of very few shows that I made sure to watch the next day. I want to know where they were going with that huge group of people!


Oh so that’s how you say it.


I will never not feel awful whenever I’m reminded of the fact the Hannibal, the single greatest tv show I have ever seen, was cancelled after 3 fucking seasons. I was so gutted when it came out that I altogether stopped watching the last season and I didn’t revisit and finish it until years later. While I still enjoyed it and liked the way they ended the show, I still couldn’t help but feel a noticable twinge of sadness as the credits rolled for the last time. I’m still holding out hope that it someday gets revisited and Bryan Fuller gets a chance to finish what he started with Mads and Hugh and the rest, but for every year that passes it seems more and more farfetched.