Endless Lore Reasons


Wait, do you mean the X-blade, or are there seriously three individual things pronounced “keyblade”?


Yeah it’s the χ-blade specifically, spelt with the Greek letter ‘chi’, pronounced ‘key’ or ‘kye’ People just say the x-blade because it’s hard to type and confusing to say.


The X-blade is pronounced “keyblade” but also that X is the Greek letter “chi”

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@rpowelll @Cado Ah, okay. I knew the X-blade was pronounced “keyblade”, I didn’t know that “X” was spelt like that


I am dead

I have to type more to post this but I’m still dead


This is hilarious but it’s a bit unrelated. I kept the Phil Collins stuff out too.


Just wanted to chime in and say how wonderful this is.

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It took me longer than was comfortable to realize this wasn’t just a vanilla clip from Lore Reasons. It makes me worried and you did a very good job on it.