Enhanced and Expanded ‘Persona 5 Royal’ Arrives on March 31, 2020

Persona 5 Royal, an enhanced version of the sprawling teenage life with supernatural powers simulator, will arrive outside of Japan on March 31. Atlus formerly revealed the US released date in a trailer this morning:

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I don’t care how much they’ve added frankly, I am not playing a 100 hour game again. FFXII is my favorite JRPG of all time, I love that game. But I put 100 hours into the PS2 version, I can’t bother to play the Zodiac Job System version. That part of my life is over, I gotta move on.

Especially since they want me to pay full price for content that should be DLC.


Atlus’ tactics are still stuck in the PS2 era, when they released Persona 3 FES as a completely new game with extra content where your saves from the original could carry over. That was great back then, but to do the same thing when DLC is the norm and have no other option just looks like they’re trying to milk their fanbase. Seems like the new version also has another round of costume DLC to go along with it. #maximizeprofits


FFXII is one of my top 10 favourite games of all time and I also put over 100 hours into it on PS2. With the Job Zodiac’s 4x speed option and the knowledge of where to go and what to do I got the platinum trophy in Zodiac Age in 40 hours. It’s great and worth revisiting if you haven’t played it since 2006.

Genuine heads up here: This new version adds in something EXTREMELY terrible that will definitely be an issue for some of you.

TW: Sexual assault, misogyny, emotional abuse/trauma

In the gym teacher’s dungeon, a version of Ann’s best friend, who was victimized by said teacher, appears in a sexualized bunny outfit…as a boss. You have to defeat. She screams when you defeat her. Ann doesn’t take it well. Some of the responses from the guys I remember being terrible, but I don’t remember the details there.

Also, it’s worth noting a certain pair of homophobic stereotypes are still around.


Somehow more interested in the Dynasty Warriors spinoff at this point–which is not a thing I’d have expected to say in my life, but here we are.

I’ll play Royal eventually. I’d considered platinum’ing P5 before but I ran into the same thing I always do whenever I try to play a Persona game on NG+: I find that these games games are quite a bit less interesting to play without the time management aspects. Since your stats carry over there’s never any pressure in NG+, I guess?

That’s fine, I guess, but where’s SMT5, you monsters?


Persona 5 is probably one of my favorite games I’ve ever played, but I just don’t think I can do it again. After I beat the game the first time I tried to find something to fill the void that finishing P5 left in me. I tried P4G, but gameplay was significantly worse and that story… woof. P5 has some gross stuff, but P4G is all gross.

For me, the magic of P5 was just experiencing it once, hanging out with friends, being in the city, exploring dungeons, feeling the weight of the deadlines. I think playing P5R would just be me trying to capture what I experienced with P5, and nearly 2 years after playing it I don’t think it can.


Have you tried taking a crack at Persona 3?

I got to the boss gauntlet in P3P and was done at that point. It has the best character development of the newer Persona games, but it gets really tough near the end in a way that 4 and 5 don’t.

I haven’t, but I do own P3P. I understand it’s not the ideal way to play, but I might take a crack at it in the future!

I’m about to tell you a secret, The One Weird Trick Persona Fans Don’t Want You To Know.

Portable is the best version of Persona 3 cause it lets you play as the girl who has MUCH better social link, plus you can choose what your team mates do unlike Vanilla P3. Yes, you lose out on the cut-scenes and the 3D map but it’s worth it in the end.

I would go on record saying that the FeMC run of Persona 3 is the best story and cast of any “modern” Persona game. It’s only real stumbling blocks are some of the antagonists and the final boss rush being much harder than most of the game.


You can’t control party members in regular Persona 3? Oofa doofa, I can get the FES playthrough from Wikipedia if I like P3 enough.

Going from the Persona 5 combat (perfect) to P4G combat (wack) sucked. I can’t imagine P3P combat is better, so I’d play it on the easiest difficulty anyway.

Also I had no idea there was a female main character in P3P, so honestly that’s a huge selling point! I’m basically sold, I’ll play it once I finish DQXI

Persona 3 was quality of life hell. You couldn’t control your party. Social links could reverse if you answered poorly/ignored them for too long.

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The first issue was not that bad beyond Mitsuru’s bizarre AI bug (the infamous bufu and manin karin casting), while the second I actually kind of like. Social links worked better for me when they were a way to customize a playthrough and less a gotta catch all the social interactions checklist. It makes sense people would get annoyed if you ignored them or you said something shit.

That said the PSP version is the best one because of minor changes and Girl. It’s also the best of this line of Persona games because the story’s core themes don’t fall apart when you think about them because they’re not tapping into ideas of revolution or having a critical eye at the system when the people who made these games keep falling back into classical conservative points of view. It’s about couping with trauma and moving past self-made solitude to become a better person, and all the party members get strong arcs related to that. Except Maybe Ken and definitely Yukari (do not get me started on how badly she was written).

There’s never a moment in P3 where it feels like the writers are giant hypocrites so it stands up to a critical eye better.

EDIT: Why did I put “over hyper” don’t type things at five in the morning until you’ve had coffee

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Even having not played it all the way through, and despite liking P5 way more (it’s one of my favorite games in spite of the glaring problems), the series hasn’t really beaten P3 yet in themes and the aforementioned character development.

It doesn’t front-load each character’s core narrative arc, and their Persona transformation is tied to a major pivotal moment for them late in the story (rather than through resolving a B-conflict via a Social Link), so you get a better sense of buildup to that moment.

Plus the overarching antagonist of “societal apathy” totally works because everything in the game is thematically tied to that, right down to how characters summon their Personas. 4 and 5 try to recycle that idea, but it falls flat because neither of them are even remotely about societal apathy.

(also it doesn’t have anywhere near as much ignorant, gross stuff as those later games)

True, but if anyone here plays P3P based off this thread, huge warning for transphobia during the “Operation Babe Hunt” scene. It fucking suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks


Forgot about that one. The Hermit Social Link is also maximum creepy.

My one sole wish for future Persona games is having directors and writers with any sense of cultural awareness.


This would be a great place for anyone to suggest independent games doing similar things to Persona but without the gross shit.

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Cherry Tree High Comedy Club and its kinetic novel sequel I! My! Girls! borrow heavily menu design wise. It’s a sort of slice of life game about making a comedy club by recruiting new possible friends and is very cozy. Imagine if Persona had no dungeons or demons or combat or homophobia or misogyny. It’s all personality stats, time management, and talking with other people.

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