Epic Games is launching a store front


The thing people forget is that when Steam originally launched, it was hot fucking garbage both as a service and a piece of client software. It looks like Epic is probably going to go through the same growing pains, but accelerated because they need to show themselves as a viable competitor.

Anyway, more competition is good, but I still try to do itch as a first choice if a game I want is available on there.


Out of everything, the second part of this tweet gives me the most reservations about handing over much money to Epic.

Every tech company owner is a weird libertarian.


Yeah that killed my enthusiasm. Oh well, still a positive if it takes a bite out of Steam.


At this point it’s a “which poison would you rather swallow” game and of the major stores I think I rather swallow Epics.

Itch.io of course being first choice whenever it is possible.


Huh. I wonder if that means you’ll get 2 refunds no questions asked, but you can still request another under the right circumstances after. Seems a bit limiting, someone purchasing a game that doesn’t run well on their hardware or something after using up those two refunds seems like a pretty likely/common scenario.


Not wanting to be out done and fade into obscurity in less than a year Discord has fired back with a “Why Not 90/10”


Now this type of competition I can get behind

“Oh yeah, well I give devs even more money!”


quick q how does discord make money because they sure as hell aren’t turning a profit through nitro subs


gonna guess “totally nonsense absolutely destructive basically nihilist utterly fantastical venture capital”


Let me introduce you to Silicon Valley, where nothing you ever learned about money applies until after the IPO.


@kcin is correct it’s mostly from VC. They do have nitro but that doesn’t bring in enough to cover their costs I imagine.




Store Wars: Episode IV - A New Cut


I’m into the idea of Epic’s store being the main avenue for middle-budget games, Discord focusing on upstart indie devs, and itch.io being the place for experimental projects. And then Valve faceplanting into its own ass.


Apparently Ubisoft is launching the PC version of The Division 2 exclusively on theirs and Epics store fronts.

Steams already lost both EA and Activision. Wonder who’s next to pull out.


So I wonder what the response is.

I feel like Steam has got to make a big platform update and push that out with an attractive release. Lower their split, introduce features that have been asked about, perhaps hire 1 human being for support…

Or do they let it go?


@GoldenJoel I expect that Steam will make a token change that isn’t blatantly a response to Epic to gain some goodwill traction (which will likely backfire into additional criticism), then wait to see how their metrics change before making anything significant. Epic has a shot and are obviously willing to put their weight into bringing the store along fast, but they could also fizzle in a few months and be a non-player within a year and Valve would have let go of revenue for no reason.

(Of course, I’m thinking in terms of business, not humanity. I don’t know Valve well, so maybe people with a heart will overrule the wallet and they will just make a change because they should)

With the Epic Store, Netflix and others opting out of Apple and Google Play’s monetization, maybe we’re seeing the beginning of the end of the 30% store cuts.


I am a bit worried about the future of indies on those platforms. Humble, gog and the epic store seem to play it relatively safe in terms of what they release and if Steam starts to heavily curate, games like Kenshi or Rimworld, which often rely on early access and smaller unknown indies without a publisher, will have a hard time getting to sell their games.


On the other hand, you could argue most indie developers aren’t getting the numbers they used to from Steam these days due to countless awful changes to the store that actually make finding their games near impossible.

A lot have outright focused on console download store releases to find buyers because Steam has dropped the ball so hard and rigged the system in such a way that they’re at a massive disadvantage. If this trend continues, I’d imagine most early access indie games would have better luck on itchio in the near future.


At this point, even high profile indie games can’t catch a break from Valve’s overreliance on automated systems.