Epic Games is launching a store front


The thing people forget is that when Steam originally launched, it was hot fucking garbage both as a service and a piece of client software. It looks like Epic is probably going to go through the same growing pains, but accelerated because they need to show themselves as a viable competitor.

Anyway, more competition is good, but I still try to do itch as a first choice if a game I want is available on there.


Out of everything, the second part of this tweet gives me the most reservations about handing over much money to Epic.

Every tech company owner is a weird libertarian.


Yeah that killed my enthusiasm. Oh well, still a positive if it takes a bite out of Steam.


At this point it’s a “which poison would you rather swallow” game and of the major stores I think I rather swallow Epics.

Itch.io of course being first choice whenever it is possible.


Huh. I wonder if that means you’ll get 2 refunds no questions asked, but you can still request another under the right circumstances after. Seems a bit limiting, someone purchasing a game that doesn’t run well on their hardware or something after using up those two refunds seems like a pretty likely/common scenario.