Epic Games is launching a store front


You could make the case of “does this have value in the long-term as far as building out a purpose for your online store” which, as far as acquiring timed exclusives go…doesn’t? The younger audience who broadly use Epic’s service and not Steam, probably aren’t the chief demographic for the Metro series. The people who are in that demographic, are probably the ride-or-die Steam users who have shown themselves to be quick towards flaring into outrage.

It’s not like Epic is outright acquiring this developer, or making such a good deal with their service by itself that the developer is throwing up their hands and saying “we’re done with Steam and moving onto the new hotness”. Epic is getting a burst of revenue from the PC crowd who really wanna play Metro 3 right away, and maybe they’ll make a strong enough point of “hey people will just buy your game anyway, and you’ll get the better cut, sooooo maybe stick with us in the future”. But that’s not a guarantee, and this all might just be one bad PR play to entice an audience that wasn’t interested in migrating to their service to begin with.

I don’t believe for a second in the phony arguments by gamers who are catastrophizing about the inconveniences of releases fractured across different services, and at the same time, I don’t believe that Epic throwing their Fortnite money around is what’s going to put a dent in Steam.

(what’s actually going to kill Steam is developers slowly bleeding out of their ecosystem from their flagrant disregard for the growth of smaller studios, which is already happening to such a degree that I don’t think Steam will have nearly the same market dominance in 10 years)


So, I am feeling more conflicted about Epic. I still believe that, in the long run, Epic is better for consumers and that exclusivity is good for competition. Also, Epic is great at bringing the fight directly to Steam so that Steam actually starts to pay attention to its own platform, and start making moves to better the application itself, and perhaps curate its market to reflect the growing woes of their ineptitude.

But these last two acquisitions seem a little… ehh…

I was fine about this acquisition, until I was informed that backers are upset because they were under the impression the game would be for released for Steam. It was advertised as such to the backers, who put forth their money so the game could get developed, and I can see why they feel they were lied to. While I don’t think it’s a big deal, I feel like EPIC should have seen this backlash coming.

Then there’s this:

And this is getting some rage online because of this on the announcement trailer:

Sooo, yeah I can kind of see how these last minute acquisitions are souring some people, but… I dunno I feel conflicted on it.

One thing that frustrates me is the people who complain about how Epic has all these security flaws, and act like Steam hasn’t had those flaws AT ALL. When Steam leaks so much that they missed a design flaw in their platform FOR 10 FUCKING YEARS:

Or how they want user reviews so they can review bomb the game on Epic’s platform, like that’s a legitimate complaint… I also don’t believe ANY of this ‘EPIC is anti-consumer’ BS.

But I do see a valid annoyance with how these games are being snatched up as exclusive deals, when certain consumers and backers were led to believe they could put their money towards a platform of their choice. I’m worried Epic’s platform will continue to piss people off if they do exclusivity like this, but on the other hand I don’t think it’s a big deal. It’s really just pissing off the ‘angry gamer’ reactionary type that don’t know what the fuck a monopoly is.


I honestly couldn’t care less if people get mad about “Epic Exclusives” when it’s just another app you have to install on the PC that you have anyway. Epic is transparently offering a better pricing scheme than Valve, and a lot of developers are going to want to take that.

Steam has needed a serious competitor with enough resources to make it stick for like a decade, and the fact that the emergence of one is leading to an even dumber version of the “console wars” is completely inexplicable to me.


That’s not really my issue with the acquisitions. I’m more concerned with the public perception EPIC is getting for itself, but taking games that have been advertised as coming to Steam, and then taking that away… Or, backing a project that was pitched as coming to steam, then putting it on EPIC. I feel like THAT is a genuine problem outside the exclusivity.


The only proper response to angry fanboys upset over a non-problem is, and has always been, to tell them to shut up and then ignore them. Aside from like ten minutes and a tiny amount of hard drive space, there is no cost to the consumer for a PC game being at one storefront or another.


I agree, but shouldn’t people be more mad at the developers (or really the publishers) for cutting trailers with the Steam logo and then going Epic exclusive? Epic presumably had nothing to do with the original marketing decision, but they’re the new guy on the block so fuck them I guess.


Honestly the epic store isn’t really that great atm, so i’m torn between legitimate criticism, and just the feeling of wanting to bask in the entitled meltdown of reddit gamerbros.

Also,i want to scream at gamers that this is capitalism at work , sorry, but more money wins, always, and always comes over your precious consumer feelings. It sucks, but thats how the system works atm.


I think there plently of legitmate complaints you could level at Epic as well as reasons to be suspect of them.

I think grabbing things that were previously steam and switching them to epic last minute (like metro exodus) is a bit shitty but if they’re willing to honor steam backers/key buyers with an epic store version i think that’s fine. But yeah this stuff needs to be messaged way ahead of time and maybe not applied to games that already said they were going to steam first.

I do think a lot of the rage is:

  1. I have to download another launcher and this is mildly inconvenient to me
  2. I can’t review games on their platform (i wanna be able review bomb games i don’t like)
  3. They make fortnite and i hate fortnite

I don’t mind Epic grabbing exclusives to challenge steam (as well as the bigger cut of game profits going towards devs) but i do think they really need to stop making something a timed exclusive after it’s already been announced for steam because it’s not the best look to keep doing that.

But yeah Epic should be criticized for their platform and what they’re doing. It just seems a majority of the outrage is directed at things that are incredibly minor in the grand scheme of things.


I think you’re missing my point.

I agree with you, as my post above clearly states, I have no problem with installing another launcher. I say that a number of times within my post.

I am saying that I see this aggressive stripping of games that were pitched and backed as steam games is doing EPIC no favors. If Phoenix Point had started a kickstarter and told their backers of their intention to sell on Epic exclusively, I wouldn’t have a problem.

That’s all I’m saying.


Hey don’t worry, plenty of these devs are getting loads of shit too!! The Phoenix Point devs did a reddit AMA and they didn’t exactly get a red carpet.


Sure, for Outer Worlds, that’s a legitimate point. But what about Phoenix Point?

That game got funding from kickstarters with the impression that it was coming to Steam, and then they were pulled from that to sell exclusively on EPIC with no input from the people WHO FUNDED YOUR GAME.

That’s a HUGE problem.


counterpoint: no, it’s fine. Show me actual harm to the backers and then I might believe that it’s a problem.


I mean, I hate ‘true gamers’ as much as the next guy, but you don’t think the backers of Phoenix Point are entitled to input on how the game is sold? The people who funded it?

And it’s not about harm, it’s about messaging. I told the people who funded my project something, and then changed my mind after I got my money for the project. That sucks! I know that things change through production, and that the final product will look NOTHING like the pitch, but I feel that with Phoenix Point especially, this is a miscommunication in their own making that they should have seen coming. And it does EPIC and the devs no favors to do this.


I would argue that my point is even stronger in Phoenix Point’s case. They made a promise to backers and broke it to make more money. I don’t see how anyone can blame Epic for that.

And despite the kumbaya vibes that Kickstarter likes to present themselves with, they’re just a glorified preorder service to me. So I’ll just repeat the old chestnut; Do. Not. Preorder. Games.


No, I don’t, that’s my point. They were promised the game on PC through digital distribution and they are receiving the game on PC through digital distribution.

And you will never get me on board with the notion that contributing money to a Kickstarter entitles you to provide input on business decisions.


Fair enough. Though, because of the reputation EPIC already has with MAD GAMERS, I think they’re going to focus their anger towards EPIC rather than the devs.


Release your games as itch.io exclusives, you cowardly industry.


But it wasn’t just ‘digital distribution.’

They were promised, specifically, Steam Keys.


Going through the Fig for Phoenix Point and the people wanting refunds not stating any other reason then “i wanted my game on steam not epic” oof.

I will say though. Checking the dev site , game site , fig campaign and company twitter and there have been 0 updates as to whether Snapshot games will offer backers Epic keys. You would HOPE because they’d get even more blow back if they didn’t. It turns out they will offer epic keys at launch and steam and GOG keys later but they sure haven’t messaged that outside of news articles. They should maybe post it to their twitter and fig campaign because that’s where people are most likely to see it.


Is a Kickstarter promise legally binding? I have a sneaking suspicion they aren’t.

Kickstarters fail all the time where backers get nothing. People should stop putting blind trust in someone who isn’t legally obligated to fulfill their promises.