Episdoe 394: The Order 1886 Defender Has Logged ON

Austin is returning to the conversation from last pod on Returnal, and enjoying the runs a bit more than Patrick did. Rob’s trying to be a jack of all trades in MLB the Show ’21, but may just end up being master of none. Cado’s savoring the last throes of cold weather by surviving the elements in Scavengers. Then the crew takes a healthy dip in the food trough, er, the Question Bucket, to talk about weird food habits and reveal Rob’s game writer origin story. Stick around after the outdo music for a special Rob and Patrick NFL Draft minute!

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So happy for everybody free of Mitch Trubiscuits, where my life dream now is to be free of Drew Lock, whose existence probably cost us like two years of relevancy since some moron at the front office thought he was worth another shot and so didn’t draft Fields.

Like, no matter how bad Drew Lock plays this next season (and it will be bad, he sucks hard), the fact we didn’t draft a QB in this QB-stacked draft for him is his greatest blow to this organization.

So mad. Went on vacation to Florida this weekend and was mad every day about it.

I cannot wait to hear Austin’s thoughts about Returnal. While I agree with some of Pat’s criticisms (roguelike elements are a little underbaked), I’m still finding the game to be absolutely incredible.

Also I liked The Order but I got it for five bucks so I didn’t need a lot of content.


My severely Internet-poisoned brain: “Mitch Trubiscuits? Is that a YouTuber who got in trouble?”


This is the worst ever episode of a podcast. They should never speak of the Browns again. Cleveland is Good Now.

Remember that name while you can because in five years you’ll be snapping your fingers for like three minutes with it on the tip of your tongue and only coming up with Mitt Romney’s name.

I’m all about Austin’s interpretation of Returnal. I completely agree.

I kinda want to give 1886 a shot for very cheap and play it in front of somebody who would be impressed by graphics.


Ironically enough Mitch had probably the least offensive and most entertaining set of embarrassing teenage tweets that people dug up after he was drafted.

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The Order 1886 is cool! It’s definitely worth picking up when it’s cheap! Especially so that when you get to the abysmal stealth section near the end you don’t feel bad about closing the game forever and looking up the last hour or so on youtube! I do genuinely wish that they’d get another shot at that and make a sequel (or a spiritual successor) because when it’s good that game is capable of some really cool stuff.

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As a Niners fan who does not watch CFB I do not know what to think about Trey Lance but I have a fair amount of faith in the organization these days.

Half my family is from Pittsburgh so I can confirm that people there have general and somewhat inexplicable dislike of the state of Ohio and that is channeled through the Steelers.

Thank you, Cado for saying quiche to the dinner thought experiment in from the question bucket. That was my answer. and with the dairy farmer I’d use some cheeses from the farmer.

but from following Sarah Taber on twitter i probably wouldn’t want to have dinner with an average dairy farmer :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s surreal how the cast talks about Gerstmangate and the timelines of a generation of critics as the current GiantBomb thing is unfolding D:

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Logging on to say I had a better time with the 8 hours I spent on The Order 1886 than I did in the 25 hours of The Last of Us Part Two and the (what felt like) 80 hours I spent in Uncharted 1 & 2.


The Order was totally Sony trying to make their own Gears of War, especially at a time when droves of Xbox 360 owners were jumping ship to PS4. In that regard it’s pretty mediocre, with stiffer combat than Delta squad and only a single player campaign on offer. But still, Victorian themed stop-and-pop shooting with werewolves has an inherent appeal, plus the game looks gorgeous. Definitely worth a play if one can get it on discount.

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Listening to Rob and Patrick be totally unaware of the history of Ohio State QB’s in the NFL was both painful and hilarious. Maybe Fields will be the exception but history ain’t on his side.

Yeah part of me wonders if these guys were aware of the GB thing and were alluding to it with the whole career path talk or if it was just kind of present in mind. They way it wrapped up kind of felt like a nod to that situation, but I could also be connecting dots of my own because they were back to back for me personally.

My solution to the dinner dilemma was either a falafel or marinated tempeh gyro. Yes you still have a decent amount of carbs but it’s not as heavy as a pizza, it’s easy and cheap, the feta and tzatziki highlight the dairy, there’s no food waste as they’re small and individual, and they’re also just delicious. Honestly though, the question was phrased in a curious way, because is any dairy farmer out there going to be offended and leave because you didn’t include dairy? I know I’m not a fussy eater, but someone would have to serve something completely outrageous for me to leave a dinner invitation early.


Rob called it a “shlooter battle royale” but what Scavengers really sounds like to me (maybe prompted by the discussion around Returnal) is a battle royale with the progression elements of a modern roguelike. Gathering resources as currency on runs and researching and unlocking new weapons with said currency makes it sound like a whole swathe of games in that genre, from Hades to Flinthook to Gungeon to Risk of Rain 2. Though maybe I’m just fueling the confirmation bias on my long held “battle royales are roguelikes” hot take.


I will not stand for Rob’s slighting of the Toronto Blue Jays and my beloved SkyDome! It’s not where it happens, huh? Jose Bautista begs to differ:

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