Episode 11 of the Waypoint UK Podcast Is a ‘Max Payne 3’ Special

We look back at Rockstar’s shooter, on its fifth anniversary.

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This was a great discussion. I like the way it was termed; one of the best 7/10s ever. The projection of violence, the subversion of the video game hero, Max’s incompetence, it all come’s together to make a really fascinating title, if a bit too derivative of film. The lasting impression that game made on me was the sense of place, Max is an interloper. The people in Sao Paolo are living their lives and Max is the aspect of video games that is about to make itself felt. That interplay is so nuanced in that Max was comprehensively developed through the big and small interactions he had with the environment around him and the narrative. Sao Paolo always felt elusive and unfamiliar, and Max’s behavior in it conveys so much about him.

it took me about half the podcast to realize i had not only played this game, but beaten it. i’m not sure what that says about the game, but it doesn’t suggest anything particularly stellar.

I sort of resent 3’s existence, either of 2’s endings would be perfect for Max. 3 just seems to exist to torture him way past the point of necessity in my opinion.