Episode 370: Yakisoba In A Hot Dog Bun

Light spoilers for 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim at 25:56 - 28:30

After 2021's wild first week, the Waypoint Radio now crew comes to you with a calmer vibe. First up, Gita has been checking out the new Reigns: Beyond, where instead of a monarch you are the captain of a space expedition. Patrick's been getting back in touch with his Anime side by playing 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, and brings a wonderful japanese culinary treat to the crew's attention. After the break, Cado's back on some Star Wars bullshit by finally getting back to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and understanding some of the finer points of lightsaber flourishes. Then they all take a dip in the question bucket and find Rob's Poke-sona.

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I cried at the ending of E-102 Gamma’s story in Sonic Adventure because 1: I was like 7 or something and 2: what the fuck


13 Sentinels: Let’s tell an incredible time travel epic combining seven dozen different kinds of SciFi tropes and twists with well-written characters.

Meanwhile, Waypoint:


TBF, I can’t really think about anything other than yakisoba pan now that I know it’s a thing.

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Hey there, just signed up because Gita mentioned (somewhere between 1:00:00 and 1:05:36) two horror stories that I sadly can’t find. One was the yelp review style story called “Unwinder” (I think) by Michael Lutz. The other was called something with “House”, which she compared to House of Leaves. I’m usually good with Google, but in this case I’m really lost. :sweat_smile: If anybody can help me, I highly appreciate it!

EDIT: Not even five minutes after writing this, I found the story by Michael. It was actually written as “unWindr”. Oops. But I still need help with the house story.

Second Edit: Damn, now I found the other story. It was The Dionaea House by Eric Heisserer. Thank you Waypoint Forum for helping me think aloud. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


To answer their “have you ever cried to a video game?” and the answer is only Kingdom Hearts III. And it was six times.

Six times.

The DLC made me cry AGAIN.


Glad that Patrick talked about MrBeast’s Backbone (MrBeast-Backed Gaming Venture Launches Backbone One, A Controller That Turns iPhones Into Consoles - Tubefilter). I mean that genuinely as I was wondering how any of these controllers work. The app component threw me off as it wasn’t super clear if this was just a Fortnite controller. Sounds like it isn’t which is beautiful.

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Just finished III half an hour ago and diving into the DLC atm. I’m usually pretty stoic but they hit me time and time again before Terra, Aqua, and Ven’s reunion with Eraqus just broke me.


When my Chao died in Sonic Adventures 2 as a child I felt like a beloved family pet had died and I was responsible. The game also messes with you by first having them slowly fade into an egg/cacoon before then either unfading to reveal the Chao who is fine or it being empty signaling that they have died. The amount of stress this caused me is probably why I lost my hair.

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Just Dearly Beloved playing on the menu after 15 years of waiting got me.


Also here’s the link to the Mystery Flesh Pit

Big gross DK style drawing CW body horror

There’s several other drawings out there including one for a series of spas in different underground flesh sacks.


I cry while watching movies all the time, even for stuff that isn’t sad, sometimes the aesthetics just hit you. But for games I think the only time I’ve cried has been at the end of Season 1 of the Walking Dead. Shout out to Sean Vanaman, you got me.

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It does take a lot more from a game to make me cry than it does for other pieces of media, especially if Pixar movies are anything to go by (my partner and I just rewatched Inside Out and just… fuck, man).

In fact… the only time I can explicitly remember crying at a game was — no I’m not kidding — at the end of Pokémon Moon. I am, in short, a massive sucker for coming of age stories as well as stories about children freeing themselves from domineering parents, and that kind of story coming from a series I have a deep emotional attachment to was enough to do it.

That’s not to say that games don’t leave me with less intense emotion than other media. But it’s a different kind of intensity, and one that doesn’t usually bring me to tears.


When Austin said “What game hasn’t made me cry, I’m a crybaby”, that resonated with me on a molecular level. Games get me crying all the time. Last year, when I played the Yakuzas, Kiryu & friends got me crying a lot. The ending of Yakuza 0, the ending of Yakuza Kiwami 1, the part in Yakuza 3 when Rikiya takes a bullet for Kiryu and dies, the ending of Yakuza 5 all were some of the moments that hit me the hardest. For stuff outside of Yakuza, Kentucky Route Zero and Pixel Puzzle Makeout League also got me to varying degrees last year. Other than games, books and anime get me a whole bunch. Get even a bit of emotional resonance with a character and put it to some dramatic music and there’s a strong chance I’ll start tearing up.