Episode 372: An Expert on English Heraldry

Light Spoilers for the Hitman Franchise throughout.

It’s Hitman day! Special Guest Cameron Kunzelman joins Cado, Patrick, and Rob to talk about the latest escapades from Agent 47 as he travels the world killing the rich and famous. Cam's frustrated with all this story getting in the way of good killlin', Patrick is finding out how fun it is to throw random objects at people, and Rob's starting to see the seams of the clockwork levels and can't look away.

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There’s something about Rob’s ad read for the new Walker Texas Ranger series that’s so beyond ambivalent it goes to the absurd, I love it.


Rob cut a Walker ad?! I’m a few episodes behind but I might have to skip around a bit.

I want to say they’re algorithmically injected by ACAST or whatever. I will miss Patrick’s discussion of Fresh Aquatic Scents in the back catalog, if that’s the case.


Hey, at least a dozen Bond movies are legitimately great. Especially On Your Majesty’s Secret Service, that one rules.

Stay away from the Roger Moore movies though.

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Moonraker slander, on my forum? It’s likelier than you think