Episode 373: Market Minute with Rob "The Rock" Zacny

The Waypoint Radio crew has been watching in awe as a short squeeze on GameStop stock breaks historic records. Cado and Patrick are having fun being scared by a Giant Vampire Woman in the new Resident Evil VIII demo. Rob's dealing with a broken government, and also he's playing Suzerain. Austin's finding the zen in repetition with Loop Hero.

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Any reason why these are posting late now? I used to rely on these for my Tuesday and Friday commutes to work, now they’re showing up at 2 PM.

They are moving the usual monday episode to tuesdays from now on:


Really cannot overstate how hard Rob sold me on Suzerain in this one.


I played Suzerain over Christmas and its a really Interesting game. If you have the time you should check it out.


A good video explaining WTF is going on with this Gamestop thing:

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And now this whole mess might directly affect Mets ownership, which would be the most Mets thing ever.

This is one of those situation where I would like everyone to lose. r/WSB is mostly a bunch of Elon cultists, Gamestop has been predatory and scammy for decades, and Hedge Funds are terrible.


I can’t believe they’re now begging for a bail out after sacrificing half a million people for the stock market.

There’s definitely no winners here. There will either be new legislation to offer bailouts to bankrupt hedge funds, or these shithead redditors will be so flush with cash that they start their own. Actually, both of those things are probably gonna happen.


Apparently a bunch are donating to charity.

The number of different ways people are trying to explain how this worked to laypeople (like me) only makes it increasingly clear how much all of this is just fancy gambling. Also Automated High Frequency Trading may be the new most cyberpunk think in existence for me.


Anyone who tries to tell you that day trading isn’t gambling is absolutely trying to sell you something. It’s really no different than sports betting, but because it’s done by guys in suits it has a veneer of respectability. If anyone is thinking about putting their money into stuff like this, they should be asking if they’re comfortable putting that money on who wins the Super Bowl.

And hey, I’m happy for some redditors, douchy as they may be, for fully funding their early retirement in a span of a week. But it’s the same feeling I get from seeing someone win the lottery. Good on them for getting out of the rat race, but it’s not exactly a replicable strategy.


Apparently a bunch are donating to charity.

“We have redistribution of wealth at home”


I’m pretty sure the majority of the people on WSB are not exuberantly wealthy…

There’s a reason people think they’re wild. They’re middle/lower class people just throwing money away, most the time.



I didn’t think they’d be so bold to show EXACTLY why capitalism is rigged in the elite’s favor, but they sure did.


I am wasting my morning just watching GME in my web browser. This has been the most riveting TV show of 2021.


And, just for clarification, this has literally zero effect on Gamestop’s day to day operation, correct? I’m sorry, I know that part’s been discussed already, but I’m still not quite understanding how having a high stock price is supposed to translate to a healthy business, is this where having shares comes in?

Short term? Nothing. But if the stock maintains value that likely extends GameStop’s runway before bankruptcy. But unless their business fundamentals change, I don’t see them surviving long term.

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Based on my curious reading about GME, if this was real they could issue new shares at the new price and they’d get the money from the new shares if they are purchased. This can change who has control of the company, so it’s a risky move that way unless you’re willing to buy some of the new stock yourself.

OTOH, if this war of main street vs wall street over GME has enough people dug in over it, that new stock might just get bought, and GME would get more money now (at the cost of there being more shares of GME out there, diluting the price once the memewar dies).


Me trying to be smart but only having internet poisoning and a limited palette of movies and texts to refer to: ah, I see we’re progressing from the The Dark Knight to the Dark Knight Rises. From the Joker to Bane, if you will

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