Episode 376: Caught a Demo ‘bout a Week Ago

The Waypoint Radio crew is back and better than ever! We’ve got a full house this episode, as Austin, Gita, and Cado talk about the very intriguing Project Triangle Strategy demo and how it’s trope filled story is possibly saved by strong tactical gameplay and wildly impactful narrative choices. Patrick is finally able to give his final word on Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, and Rob is living la vida Babylonian in the ancient city builder Nebuchadnezzar. Austin then takes us on a wonderful journey with AI Dungeon, and Rob’s internet rebels against his Valheim opinions.

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*ITS no apostrophe! Ahhhh!

Crying at the sound of their normal banter like Dearly Beloved is playing on the KH3 menu for the first time in fifteen years.


Worth noting about the Splatoon 3 Inverted Eiffel Tower thing: This is seemingly a recent development in the world of Splatoon, based on this selfie from Pre-Sploon 3

So in the same way that the Splatoon 1 final splatfest affected the plot for Splatoon 2, Chaos winning the last Splatoon 2 splatfest resulted in someone, somewhere, flipping the eiffel tower.


That’s a great question you’ve just prompted. What’s the BEST version of Dearly Beloved?

Eh, they’re all roughly the same in my mind. That is except jazzy up-tempo or major key (I don’t know music) Dearly Beloved, which is simply wonderful:

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It’s been a minute since I played Overwatch on PC, but at least on console it’s trivially easy to avoid seeing whatever randos spew. The text chat is nonexistent due to lack of keyboards, so maybe that’s the difference maker?

Cato losing it when Austin describes the Skater Boi statue of the Mayor is exactly the content I’ve been missing these past weeks. :heart:


The discussion of AI Dungeon reminded me of the most recent Tom Scott video:

Predictive AIs have become alarmingly good alarmingly quickly. And while the possible negative outcomes are many and extremely worrying I’m kinda excited by some of the artistic and creative possibilities. Personally I’m far more creative when I have prompts and people to bounce my ideas off of. An AI that “knows” you style and/or the style you’re trying to achieve could be really useful when writing.

I’m really glad to hear that Austin has been playing AI Dungeon. I got into it about a month ago through the random out of context snippets being shared and it really is something unique. At the same time however it is horrifying.

The natural language models are progressing at a faster rate then I thought and it’s getting to a point where in probably 15 years you will not be able to tell if it was machine generated or not and it is going to cause a lot of trouble.

Here’s one I just generated using InferKit (that default prompt…), it took maybe 4 rolls before I got back text that I liked but that is something you can train the model on if you are building something specific like say scam/phishing messages.

You know what’s also scary? Sales software. Everyone worries about things like the government knowing too much about them or their ISP (which are things you should worry about) but the private sector has them beat and it calls itself CRM. They’re the kinds of companies that are secretly massive but have maybe 3 paragraphs worth of info on Wikipedia because they would prefer no one knows about them outside of their intended users in sales. Here’s a screenshot from one called ZoomInfo
The amount of data they have on individuals and their lives is just not right, especially for a privately held company that does not have to disclose to you that you exist in their database unless you go asking and can prove you live in a country that actually cares about privacy.

So here’s my question, these companies are already working with the biggest of data and are already trying to devise ways to get their clients all the information possible to sell their targets the next hot cloud tool but what happens when someone starts to use these systems plus a system like AI Dungeon or InferKit to preform phishing and scams at a massive level?

This doesn’t even begin to touch on just misinformation campaigns in general. How do you even begin to tackle that as an issue when your false news can literally be written and fact checked by bots working in unison producing text that looks believable across several sites and social media platforms? The 2016 and 2020 U.S. elections were already bad, everything past that is only going to get worse as the tech gets better.