Episode 377 - I'm the Meanest Dog Around, Woof Woof!

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Spoilers for Bravely Default at 1:07:49

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Does anyone else hear “just one question before we go home” and know it’s gonna be a Waz question? Boom, foodpod


I lost my shit so hard during that John McCain story. That is so hilariously bad I really want to play this now.

Rob said that he would eat more salad if making the dressing wasn’t such an obstacle and I wanted to share the dressing we have in our fridge all the time.

First, this Oxo salad dressing shaker was a game changer for me, got it as a gift from my partner a year ago: https://www.amazon.com/OXO-Grips-Salad-Dressing-Shaker/dp/B00CYDEC8W?th=1

It comes in 1 Cup and 1.5 Cup sizes. This recipe is for the 1 Cup size, but can be scaled in either direction.

Mince 1 small shallot and drop into the bottom of the dressing shaker.

Cover with lemon juice and let macerate about 10 minutes

Add black pepper to taste

Small handful dried or fresh tarragon

Add 1 tsp dijon mustard

Add soy sauce (got this idea from Kenji Lopez-Alt, it is key!) to reach the 1/3 cup mark

Add extra virgin olive oil to 2/3 mark

Add vegetable oil to the 1 Cup mark

Screw top and shake vigorously.

Taste and add salt/pepper to taste

I find that it tastes even better after a night in the fridge. After it has spent a couple of days in the fridge, the oil will firm up, so I usually take it out about 20 minutes before lunch and submerge it in water (I use a quart deli container that soup came in).

You can use any vinegar you like instead of lemon juice, other types of mustard, herbs, oils, etc. Can add some mayo to make it a little thicker and creamier.