Episode 378 - Intrusive Thought Hero

Here we go again, once more into the breach, on and on the Waypoint Radio crew has got Loop Hero fever, and the only cure is to loop some more. Join as Austin, Gita, Cado, Patrick, and Rob share their revelations, frustrations, and explorations of this latest indy darling that has you building community as the world falls apart around you, again and again and again. After the break, Rob finally tells us about King Arthur: Knights Tale, an XCOM style game set in a grimdark Arthurian legend, Patrick has been checking out Gnosia, whose loops aren't what you would expect from, well, something called a loop, and we take a dive into the question bucket, to talk about smelly cheeses, salad dressings, things of that nature.

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Omfg the Ranch-brie-aftertaste derail was so funny

also, β€œIt’s ironic ranch!”

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For anybody not on Twitter, enjoy: https://twitter.com/MelloMakes/status/1370118988559220741?s=19