Episode 379: Welcome to the Pickle Party

Content Warning for Minor Injury and mention of Blood ~ 59:39 - 1:00:09

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Free fan patch :slight_smile: The site logo is broken because someone didn’t set a width on the svg container. (logo says “waypoint, games by vice”)


The peanut butter and jelly sandwich convo may be one of my favorite Waypoint/Gaming at Vice bits I’ve ever heard.


I’m surprised no one talked about adding anything besides peanut butter and jelly into the sandwhich except for Cado’s fleeting pickle slices suggestion that I think no one heard lol. IMO banana slices are a real good add in and while I always use crunchy peanut butter sometimes I add in some chips to give it even more crunch.

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The pickle can work, but needs some help. Throw some bacon on. And maybe some potato chips too. It’s surprising how well the pb&j works with the salt and acidity of the bacon and pickle. It may sound weird as hell, but try it sometime and tell me it doesn’t work.

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Bring back Waypoint 101, pls.


I’m #TeamCado on the subject of PBJ.

So I know everyone loves to know what’s showing up in the ads:

“Northern Ireland is a great place to grow your business.”

As the learned American business owner that this ad is aimed toward, I have doubts. Brexit related doubts.

And when am I posting this? Oh… Well that’s a smidge awkward.

Also, being of the breed of Californians who’s default bread is sourdough for nearly all occasions, I’m also on the Cado PB&J bandwagon.

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To me, the PBJ is a food of convenience. I have bread, peanut butter, and jelly, so when I’m not inspired to eat something that requires effort, the PBJ is born. I can’t imagine a life where I pre-plan my PBJ consumption, that requires thinking ahead to a degree that I can’t be bothered with. If I have a nice crusty sourdough so be it, if I have a bunch of off brand super market white bread, that’ll do just as well. Unless I have something completely unsuitable like mint jelly or focaccia, it’s whatever happens to be there.

I think the implication is that Cado either makes his own sourdough, so he always has some, or else he just only buys sourdough because he prefers it.

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