Episode 380: This War with My Mother In Law

Ok so here's the situation. Sometimes when you're a space noble, you fall in love. Sometimes you marry that person for love, but or political reasons, but either way your sphere of connections grows. And sometimes, being related to someone ends up being, lets say, a complication when war is declared over what's a pretty simple breakdown of communication. Austin, Rob, and Cado have been enjoying the early hours of Star Dynasties, a game that could be described as "Crusader Kings III in Space," where the focus on political intrigue and character relationships leads to some wild circumstances. Also we dive into the question bucket with some important pickle follow up info, and the most important question we've ever received about bread.

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Star Dynasties looks like a game that was written specifically for me. As an old school Empire of the Fading Suns fan, I am the one or two people who listen to Waypoint with this on my wish-list. I feel seen.

The fact that this might be good is possibly dangerous to my free time.

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the crust defender has logged on. i have never once cut a sandwich, diagonally or otherwise. full sandwich, from the top, no regrets


Cado’s bad memory dropped bomb after bomb in that story. That was magical.


It’s disrespectful to the bread to cut the crust, in my humble and unbowed opinion.


“I’m looking at real photos of Wonder Bread” is a sentence that never existed before this podcast.


I can’t stop thinking about Cado’s sad HAL sandwich with a single slice of round deli meat in the centre.

Use multiple slices man! The meat should be hanging out the sides not matter the shape of the bread.


I’ve done the Rob “spite” method of folding and eating from the middle… <_<
Sometimes there are toppings that easily slide off when eating and I feel two slices is too much bread for what I put on there, so fold and eat is an decent alternative to getting back up and cutting it.

Where I’m from it’s quite common to just have “open face sandwiches” (i.e. slices of bread) for breakfast with only a couple of toppings, whether it’s strawberry jam, salami, brown cheese or whatever you’d like.
A popular one is white cheese, cucumber slices and slices of paprika (i.e. bell pepper).

Aaanyway I love the chaotic energy on the pod this week =p
(ps: Get good bread so you don’t mind the crust)

This whole sandwich debate loses me because I eat rolls, not slices.

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If you toast bread does the entire piece of bread become crust?

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Tired: Crusader Kings in space
Wired: The Lockhorns in space

Loving some Evil Within 2 chat. Criminally under-played and underappreciated game. It’s also the Canon sequel to MGS2, just ask James Howell.

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Nah cause a piece of toast still has a crust. Imo the crust is referring specifcally to the textural difference between the inside and outside, not the actual texture itself.

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Pickle is a frustratingly inexact word in English. It can refer to a food preserved in vinegar, a food preserved through lacto-fermentation, the process of doing either, or cucumbers preserved through either method. Vinegar pickling is when you immerse food in a solution of salt and vinegar (and often also sugar and spices) most supermarket pickles, including the divisive bread and butter, are of this kind. Lacto-fermented pickles are food that has been immersed in a saline solution (around 2-3% salt) and let sit at room temperature, this allows lactic acid bacteria (LAB) to break down the food substrate and produce lactic acid helps preservation. In America we most often encounter lacto-fermentation in sour or kosher pickles as well as sauerkraut and kimchi, though kimchi is often fermented for much longer and much lower temperatures. Lacto-fermented pickles often have a much gentler taste compared to the vinegary bite of vinegar pickles and are probiotic.

To complicate things further, if you’ve been to a Jewish deli in the states you might have had half-sour pickles. These are pickles that are immersed in a brine like lacto-fermented pickle but then refrigerated immediately and briefly. This halts fermentation and so while they’re delicious they don’t have the shelf life of lacto-fermented or vinegar pickles. That sounds like the salt gherkins that the emailer mentioned.

If you want to learn more about pickles and how to make them I highly recommend The Art of Fermentation and the Nome Guide to Fermentation.


I’m not sure if when Austin says in the intro that they can podcast however they want if he knew what was truly to come.

Anyway, Star Dynasties sounds extremely my bag. A game I probably won’t hop into immediately and the Steam Reviews, something I typically rely on for games this size aren’t super positive, but will keep an eye on. Makes me wish there were more communities to either rally behind these games or just keep these games top of mind.

I won’t forget the confusing dimensions of bread and what big bread wants you to think.

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I don’t trust user reviews in general, but I especially don’t trust user reviews for space games. Space game fans generally seem to hate anything that doesn’t fall into one of three categories: Freelancer/Elite clone, Alpha Centauri clone, MOO clone.

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A lot space game fans come off as the Zach Snyder fans of videogame players. In this case Chris Roberts is their Snyder.

The Star Citizen fanboys give me more of a Musk-cultist vibe, TBH, but I suppose it’s not all that different.


I’m an actual space game developer and I see no lies in this thread


There are a few guaranteed ways to get weird nerds to fill your mentions with bad faith arguments. Calling Star Citizen a scam is not quite at Musk/BTC levels but it’s close.