Episode 384: What'd You Do To My Mech!?!

Rob is starting white boy summer early by watching Aaron Sorkin flicks The Social Network and  Steve Jobs. Monster Hunter fever continues as Cado joins the fray, he and Austin talk through just how new player friendly this game is (spoiler: it’s not!) After the break, Rob and Austin have been checking out Genesis Noir, a crime story told through the lens of the beginning of the universe. Austin grabbed his favorite wrench and got to work in Mech Mechanic Simulator, but found the flavor of that world a bit lackluster. Then we dip into the question bucket and talk about developing critical skills.

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Appreciate the segment about media literacy and criticism as it’s something I’m trying to get better at. I take notes while watching a film or playing a game but also reading reviews/criticism afterwards so I can see if there were things I didn’t pick up on or whether I had an entirely different read on something. That’s part of the fun in listening to the A More Civilized Age podcast.


Rob buried the lede in the Gladiator talk which is that the screenwriter for that Gladiator 2 script was Nick Cage - Gladiator 2: The strangest sequel never made? - BBC Culture (Warning the article recaps the end of Gladiator in the opening paragraph)

Embarrassed to admit that even after checking and re-checking Fincher’s filmography, even after decades of knowing better and supposedly working towards finding a better taste, my favorite Fincher movie still has to be Fight Club.

I’m sorry. This is who I am.


Don’t let the shitheads out there who seem to almost deliberately take the wrong lessons from a work of art ruin it for you! I think there is an argument to be made that some of the flashiness and style of the movie detracts a bit from the message, but even if true Fight Club is still a great film. I do think the pod made me remember how much I love The Game though.


Shout out to Inside Man. I feel like we don’t talk enough about how Spike Lee fucked around and made one of the best heist movies of the 21st century.

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Darn the fact that Austin’s dream mech repair game is the gunsmithing missions in Tarkov except instead of MP5s, you’d be tricking out Zakus or something less real world military industrial complex glamorizing… Also there’d definitely be female player characters in this dream mech mechanic game.

Basically, the depth and creative potential of PC Gaming Simulator but mechs.

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Personally I can’t stop thinking of the Austin mech pitch for the whole “5 hours? You’ve gotten a whole arm blown off! I could weld on some new armour and recalibrate the weight, but you can’t expect me to reinstall the cannons in that little time!” vibe


What was the name of the film critic that Austin & Rob mentioned? It sounded like “Colleen Cale” but I must be spelling it wrong, couldn’t find anyone publishing articles under that name.

The critic is Pauline Kael.