Episode 386: Cado Season, Like Sandal Season, Is Back!

Sometimes you go for a wrestling finisher only to be countered, and have your own finisher used on you. Such is the situation with MLB the Show ’21, a Sony developed game that went multi-platform last year, in a shocking turn of events is now available on Microsoft’s Xbox Gamepass. Join Patrick, Austin and Cado as they discuss the bizarre circumstances. Cado’s also learned that there continues to be story after the credits in Monster Hunter Rise, Austin’s learning to love the builds in Outriders, and Patrick is wishing for higher definition photos in Fantasian.

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Really appreciate Patrick acknowledging the frustration folks are feeling outside the US about vaccination. It’s been a bit tough listening to US-based podcasts in recent weeks with hosts celebrating getting vaccinated (which is a good thing, to be clear), so it’s nice hearing a voice being given to that frustration. Kudos to Waypoint taking that extra step to make folks feel included, it’s a big reason why I’m a fan.


I haven’t even heard from abroad how vaccines are going. It’s just so weird to imagine the US actually leading the world in something positive that I forget that it’s going less well elsewhere.

At least in Canada, it’s going ok all told. High risk groups, older folks, indigenous communities, and others are getting vaccinated at a good rate. But if you’re a healthy adult it may be a few more months before we’re fully vaccinated. It mostly comes from having no domestic vaccine manufacturing capability, which you can imagine is a political hot potato here at the moment. In any case, I’m counting my blessings that my parents and grandmother are partially vaccinated and the weather is getting nicer for outdoor hangouts. Still, the lizard part of my brain can’t help but feel some envy for the vaccine rollout down south.


Oh that would do it. Well, with the rate at which the US is going, we’re going to have capacity to export a lot more soon enough, hopefully. Stay strong, international comrades. We’re getting there.


Can’t even feel that positive about the UK doing so well with vaccine distribution because it’s going to let everyone who was directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths get off scot-free. The Conservatives will probably add another few permanent points to their polling.

Is there a good explanation of why the US is doing so much better? I continue to be slightly bewildered by the fact that it’s going so well.

As for the Acast ads. I don’t know how they’re serving those ads but for a while they thought that I, a nutrition student in Chicago, was some sort of entrepreneur who did a lot of business in Commonwealth countries. I got ads for accounting software where everyone had Australian accents and another telling me that Northern Ireland was the best place to start a business. That second one include the boldface lie that NI was a the happiest place in the UK.

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Lots of domestic manufacturing goosed by some creative business deals + the Defense Production Act (basically permits the president to order manufacturing as a matter of national security)


I’m honestly not that bothered by hearing about people in the US getting vaccinated tbh, Australia’s been relatively safe for a while and hearing that people in America are starting to claw it back podcaster by podcaster is kind of a relief. Especially after how badly Trump handled the quarantine. I think we’re just starting our first round at the moment and it’ll still be a couple of months until I get mine, but I’m not that worried at this point.


Okay, considering I know we’re both in the Bay Area, it’s especially weird that we’re both getting the targeted Commonwealth ads.

Lol, that strife where I’ve been warned to still not use my real name in The North.

I mean, I actually liked what I saw of Derry but would I move my business there? Not when there’s a Brexit going on. Not when there’s a perfectly good EU nation just to the south.

The us is doing well in vaccination because in large part it’s simply buying a bunch of the vaccine supply and leaving nations in the global south high and dry vaccine wise. It’s a pretty shitty situation


I don’t know how they get info for the targeted ads… I live in Chicago but still have a Bay Area number so that might be it.

Real ones might remember a podcast from times of yore (late 2017) when Rob uttered the iconic line: “the more we learn about advertising efficacy the less impressive it gets,” after which Acast IMMEDIATELY cut to an advertisement.

I remember they updated that podcast after the weekend and sadly I no longer have the original file but it was a Hall of Fame-level moment.


The difference between winning and losing (the advertising wars) is measured in milliseconds.


You are 100% correct, and I wish I could find the article again, but I recently read that the US was using the vaccine as a bargaining chip to gain power over countries in the global south (surprise!).

But in the US I’d argue that the vaccine rollout is a giant shitshow that has heavily favored the white, wealthy, and/or well connected. The whole fact that so many are relying on going to multiple different websites (with many only in English with a crap number for a language line), refreshing over and over again to get an appointment is just gross to me. It’s a serious indictment of the US healthcare and public health sectors. I’m the emergency manager for a state mental healthcare system and our efforts to get the vaccine for our staff and clients, who are the most vulnerable people in the state, was a giant pain that was totally disorganized, and constantly threatened by the whims of a democratic governor who is more afraid of looking bad to assholes than doing the rollout in an organized, equitable, and sensible way. I was on the verge of quitting a job I love for most of January and February because it was such a shitshow to get vaccine for healthcare workers and vulnerable adults and kids. Just remember folks, mental healthcare is still healthcare, and anyone that thinks otherwise deserves all the bad things in life to happen to them and no one else.


A couple years ago all my podcasters were having babies. Last month they were all having serious health problems with surgeries. Now they’re all getting vaccinated.

It’s weird watching the podcaster class move as a single organism.


It’s not time to go maskless yet, over 100 fully vaccinated people in Michigan have been hospitalized and three people have died. With the spread of the more contagious and more deadly P1 variant that kind of change of behavior will 100% result in more death.

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It’s definitely not, even without variants, the moderna vaccine is only 90% effective at preventing transmission. Double masking is 95% effective, though most people don’t mask properly, so that number is probably a little high in real-world scenarios and 2 weeks after your second dose of vaccine, you can’t mess up being vaccinated :slight_smile: But even still, assuming that vaccination is roughly as effective as mask usage (due to heavy non-compliance for both techniques), we probably need both to eliminate COVID from our communities, and even that will take a long time, due to the math of exponential decay.

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Most important thing is to take care of yourself, because government and other people have proven not to care. I wear a 3m 6200 half mask with p100 filters but if you aren’t gonna go that far at least get yourself kn/kf95s because it’s about to get rough, Michigan is already there and the BC situation is migrating to Washington state.

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