Episode 387: Lemme Pour Some Milk on Your Ice Cream

We've got all the HOTTEST news UPFRONT in this podcast, Patrick is here to announce a game delay with a tweet, Rob is bringing the FRESHEST takes on Star Wars: Republic Commando, and Austin is catching up on the lasest season of Riverdale. After the break, Patrick breaks down Nintendo's latest twist on the "battle royale" genre, Pac-Man 99, Cado's giving Outriders a second chance, Patrick checks in with new indie game Before Your Eyes which has an interesting experimental control mechanism, and Rob's living his best crime drama life in Judgement. Then we go for a dive in the Food Bucket!

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Oh no, forget the remake idea. There’s an unresolved plot thread at the end of Republic Commando. It needs a sequel.

Need to find out what happened to Sev!

Also, not the Corn Dog Belt, the Corn Dog Corridor

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“Grubhub, show me your most… suspicious, choices”

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Sitting my family down to listen to the segment on having clean hands while eating. I get roasted all the time for being very weird about eating wings or tackling typical messy hand food and using a knife and fork but I hate my hands not feeling clean.

It might be because I’m a terrible fidget and am always rubbing my face or checking my phone when I’m eating but there are dozens of us, dozens!


I also always have to have a clean hand! However, I also can’t have all 5 fingers on my dirty hand soiled. Usually that means that my pointer, middle finger and thumb are covered in sauce while my ring finger and pinky hang daintily away from whatever food I’m holding. This extends to dry food too! If I’m eating Cheetos or potato chips, I’m only touching them with 3 fingers.


My general operating principle is that as many digits stay clean for as long as possible. For example a chicken leg+thigh must be eaten using only two fingers of one hand for as long as possible, until it becomes absolutely necessary to use two fingers from the other hand to, say, separate two bones. That second hand may still be used with a fork if not made too greasy or if sufficient fingers remain clean enough to use without further mess; otherwise, both hands are essentially dead to all other tools, including phones, remote controls, cups or glasses, etc, until properly cleaned. That is the point of complete meal commitment.

My potato chip protocol is similarly stringent.

I’ll just eat most things with cutlery. I think my biggest deviations from the norm are hamburgers, pizza and taco/burrito wraps. Anything that can spill sauce or make my fingers greasy I’d rather keep my hands clean, and it’s often easier too.

Just tried milk on ice cream: its good shit

The one hand clean convo was interesting because my family is Indian, so keeping the left hand clean (for drinking water and serving [also useful for phones, when needed]) has always been a habit.


I’m also a member of the “one clean hand” club. I absolutely abhor touching electronic devices (phones, laptops, keyboards, controllers, etc.) with food-covered fingers, so I always try to keep one hand clean. But if that’s not possible, then I’ll keep a wet paper towel close by to wipe my hands (if I’m at home), or just forgo using my phone at all (if I’m out somewhere).

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I work hard at keeping my phone in my pocket when I eat out. So I have no shame about getting super messy hands when the food calls for it, and then cleaning up hard afterward. I’m honestly onboard with Rob’s “Bring a mid meal round of towelettes” suggestion though, that just sounds nice.

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Definitely all about that three-finger pinch for potentially messy finger food. Minimize the cleanup area afterward. I have been historically averse to sandwiches that go buck wild with condiments just because I hate having dirty hands.


Sorry to derail this food podcast with video game talk, but I wanted to make a comment about Republic Commando.

One of the things I really liked about Republic Commando at the time is that everything seems significantly distorted from the movies and other media, which tends to be Jedi-centric. To me, this seemed like you were seeing the world the way the clones do: for example, super battle droids are a major threat, and wookiees are colossal and impossibly strong. In the same vein, I assume that clones don’t sound identical to each other, so I can handwave away that your squadmates sound different.


My biggest problem with a lot of Star Wars media is they always find a way to jam force users into the stories being told. I liked in The Mandalorian that most characters don’t even know what the force is and I hope that the upcoming Diego Luna series will refrain entirely.


That’s why the ending of season 2 sucked so bad


Yes, the stylised, industrial grime of the game’s design was an interesting departure from the lavish, sterilized look of prequel era stuff at the time. Those oil-dirty droids were not the cannon fodder joke they are usually depicted as. Also Tarfful bigge.

Honestly as much as i loved it a lot of it was Star Wars wrapping and novelty. The squad command stuff was very rudimentary, compared to even the Xbox Rainbow Six 3 and Brothers in Arms. Still the sort of curio I would like to see attempted again now.

Also it made me laugh when Rob mentioned the player clone being a knockoff voice, which is understandable. But Temuera Morrison is actually in the game. :grin:

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Cado calling technomancer the worst class to start out as in Outriders is very funny when it’s widely agreed it’s the most over-powered class in the game. It’s rough til the ammo power opens up but after that it’s melting every enemy in the game. The balance in the game is rough though, Technomancer is insanely powerful, Trickster is very fun but a glass cannon, Pyro is okay, and Devastator is a tank in an endgame that’s about speed.

The big problem with Technomancer though is that it never changes. There’s an entire mod system but nothing will ever be as powerful as the ammo ability and the mods that boost that, and I’d rather rely on that than boost my turret that doesn’t hit anything anyway.


Turret is great for drawing aggro in single player though. I rely on it a lot, plus it’s ability to freeze enemies is great for easy headshots.


Adding to what Scylo said, below is a clip of me playing technomancer. With one mod on your gear, that ammo ability gives you a super-powered sniper rifle with infinite ammo that inflicts toxin in an AoE. Outriders Technomancer - Album on Imgur

And like Navster said, your freeze turret makes it very easy to get headshots to melt bosses/ stop melee enemies rushing at you.

I think Cado and I have very different playstyles in this game.