Episode 389 : God of War: Combat Evolved

Join Patrick, Austin, and Cado as they discuss the poor decisions Sony’s made recently. Patrick is tempting fate by downloading the Final Fantasy XIV PS5 beta, Austin’s wondering if 34 different endings is really worth acting like an asshole in Ashwalkers [spoilers: it's not], and Cado is vibing aesthetically and mechanically with lo-fi strategy deckbuilderToverblade. Then the gang dive into the Question Bucket and reminisce about times they enjoyed meals on the road, you know, before the pandemic

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All the “OHHHHH” slowly turned from Halo to Crush 40’s Sonic buttrock:


My travel food vice is Culver’s. Both me and my wife love it and for the sake of our health pointedly ignore the fact that one has opened here in Chicago. However her family lives in Iowa so we frequently drive out there. We absolutely time our trips so that we will be near a Culver’s around lunch or dinner time. They are pleasant respites in the weird liminal space of midwestern highways.

This phenomenon is also the best explanation of the appeal of In-N-Out. Objectively In-N-Out isn’t actually particularly good. However they are cheap and located right off the highway all over California so they’re perfect road trip food. I most closely associate them with leaving town right after school on Fridays to beat traffic.


My coworker’s guilty pleasure highway stop is Cracker Barrel. We traveled out-of-state for work a couple of times together in 2018 and always stopped there.


You have to stop at Cracker Barrel on every roadtrip. It’s the law.


I feel like identifying Panera Bread and Cracker Barrel as road trip restaurant staples in my family is entirely too revealing about my family. If my sister’s along for the ride she’s very good at local food research, and we’ve been known to stop at places that have appeared on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives when that’s an available option.


I want to say now that I have played almost all the God of War games, at multiple points in time enjoyed them, couldn’t tell you what the heck the God of War song would be.


In regards to if you can buy Dino Crisis & Dino Crisis 2. Yes you can directly on the PS Vita, PS3 and PSP stores buy the PSOne Classics versions but you cannot on the Playstation Store website because last year just prior to the PS5 launch they removed all the PS3, Vita and PSP games from the website.

Most of the games on those stores are still available to purchase right now, though I did run into an issue on PS3 where the Buy buttons were invisible, selectable but invisible. Some games such as the Danganronpa series have been delisted due to licensing issues and unfortunately never republished.

Also for some reason a bunch of PS One Classics can not be directly downloaded on Vita but can be transferred from PS3.

In regards to Austin thinking about buying a bunch of games just so he has the chance to play them in the future, a problem I ran into with that is that Vita store management has been neglected by publishers so a lot of games never got price drops and never go on sale, which means a lot of games are still listed at their launch prices. Unfortunately there does not seem to be much of a clearance sale effort going on yet.

Personally I ended up grabbing Soul Reaver, FromSoftware’s Shadow Tower, three PS2 Classic versions of the Fatal Frame games and some Harvest Moon games on PSP.

Edit: Oh also if you have Two Factor authentication enabled on your PSN account you need to login to a weird section of their website to get a code to use as a password on the older systems. But there is a bug with transferring PS One Classics from PS3 to Vita so if you want to get Soul Reaver, Metal Gear Solid, Xenogears ect…on your Vita you need to disable Two Factor (and I also had to reset my router to clear some cached data).

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Very relevant follow-up: PlayStation Store on PS3 and PS Vita Will Continue Operations – PlayStation.Blog. PSP store is still getting shut down but PS3 and PS Vita stores will continue operating for the moment.


I thought maybe Austin was overreacting about the Final Fantasy 14 post-Stormblood quests, but I just made it to the part where Godbert gives an impassioned speech about how we can’t simply give money to poor people or refugees - they need to pull themselves up by the bootstraps - and nope, it’s just as gross as he says. (and then right after that they decide to send the refugees to work the salt mines)