Episode 390 - It’s Got Good Hackerfeel

Austin’s starting this week off strong by getting into organization. He’s finding out if he’s up to the job in Wilmot’s Warehouse, a game that swings back and forth from anxiety-inducing collection runs to calm, no limits organizing. Gita is back on the show to talk about the newest from Paradox Games, Stellaris: Nemesis. The crew discusses how add ons to 4x games can often be frustrating to get to, and how they all wished Stellaris had a bit more Crusader Kings III in its DNA. After the break, Cado puts on his best hacker voice to jack into the world of Midnight Protocol, a hacking game with diegetic controls where you type text commands to hack your way through node based maps. Then he takes some time to rock out with Unbeatable, a two-button rhythm game with a killer soundtrack and stylish visuals. Then the crew dives into the question bucket to talk about the places they’ve played games when maybe they shouldn’t have.

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Hooray for Gita!


I noticed a typo in the episode description in my podcast app.
Midnight protocol is described as having “diabetic controls”. I suspect diagetic was meant.

Also, Is this the right place to post this kind of stuff?

Gaming @ Vice Dot Com is the email address

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The 3D desktop you were promised by movies is actually already here

I have not played this since 2014 but the idea that this thing runs in Source is honestly impressive. Also yes it does have multiplayer so you and your friends can hang out in your virtual computer house and look at your pictures and what have you.


I didn’t know I needed this.

I worked at my college theater doing lights and sound and stuff. I basically slept through every shift playing Persona 3 Portable one semester, meanwhile fucking Karl Rove (who actually did do a lecture on my shift once) could just talk all night about nothing. The lighting was set, there was really nothing to do but play P3P, and obviously that was a better use of my brain than whatever nonsense Rove had to say.



re: fortune cookie rituals

Have this fortune in my wallet for going on 10 years. definitely outlasted some wallets. i like the vibe and like to think it’ll help the wallet reunite with me if i ever lose it

(dunno why the image rotated weird on upload)


I worked an overnight graveyard shift baby sitting a server room during college and would usually do homework but that last summer semester I worked after I graduated, I remember dragging my Xbox 360 to campus in a backpack by bike, just so I could play games. I vaguely reminder playing Castle Crashers because it came out around then but looking back it’s kinda baffling, seems like a lot of effort for that game.

Also, damn now I wanna play Invisible Inc too


This episode was fun! Midnight Protocol (movie trailer voiceover guy voice) sounds really cool. And as lovely as it looks, I would pay double for a mode that transforms it into a sweet ANSI graphics interface and I could pretend to be on a BBS again.

And I don’t know why we’re not all playing Invisible Inc again already.


Following up, I grabbed and played through the demo last night and am really excited for Midnight Protocol. It feels like it’s going to be pretty deep with deck slots and even narrative, plus cool, tense mechanics.