Episode 391: Everyone's Favorite Mortal Kombat Character: Cole

The time is finally here, that’s right, the release of 2021 that everyone’s been waiting for, the new Mortal Kombat movie is out and Patrick is here to let us know how many robots are in it. Unfortunately, MK’s robot score has nothing on Nier: Replicant ver.1.22474487139..., which has both robots and side quests galore. Austin and Patrick are here to spoil the decade old game. After the break, Rob’s learning to love the subtly episodic structure of Judgement, and we take another food filled dive into the Question Bucket.

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One of the great things about getting to know a critic’s taste is knowing when you and they aren’t going to have the same response to a piece of media.

I haven’t seen a Marvel movie that I’ve liked since 2008 so I’ll take my chances with the gorey fight mans movie, cheers Pat.

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“get me a poptart” means 1 pack of unheated poptarts. host can follow up with questions, but the default is 1 pack, unheated


Fuck, Rob is really selling me on Judgement right now… It just came out on PS5 too, dammmmmmmn.


Judgement is a hoot. I highly recommend it.

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I know they say spoil in the episode description but do they actually spoil spoil?

I feel like Mortal Kombat is a must watch for me just because it’s an Australian character, played by an Australian actor in a movie with an Australian director that’s shot in Australia. I think the last ‘Australian’ character I saw in anything was the awful fake australian accent in the good place. Plus the movie seems to be good on the representation front with Singaporean + Indonesian + Japanese + Chinese actors

Anyway this article about the representation in the movie is pretty good if anybody wants to read more on it Mortal Kombat - Leaving behind the Anglo American-looking Blockbuster | screenhub Australia

Since I’m not seeing this anywhere else: HD means High Distinction, the highest category of marks in Australian unis (the other marks being Distinction, Credit, Pass, and Fail).


I just saw the new Mortal Kombat, and they undersold how much Cole sucks. I think the movie wants you to hate him. It makes no sense, but he’s written as such a mediocre, personality-less, unimpressive character, who is fucking useless most of the movie too. He already has such an uphill battle considering he’s the non-canon character in a fanservice movie. Then they really went of their way to have him suck ass in several scene. Not one good line. No fun moments. Nothing.

AVGN voice: “What were they THINKING?”

Is Cole going to be like a Joke Character in MK12? He’s the Dan of this series now?

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I was struck by the fact that he has an extended scene with Goro who’s voiced by Angus Sampson, a man with screen presence for days, and yet they chose to go with “some guy”.

I feel like MK is a series where you can afford to go ham on your audience-perspective OC. The movie comes alive as soon as Kano is introduced, so I hope they take that as a lesson for the sequel.


I am never a grammar purist by any stretch, but even I am not so loose and lazy with words that I don’t put an S on words when I mean more than one. If I am offered anything in the singular, no matter how tiny it is, I assume I’m getting one. A pop tart, a pretzel, a chip, a cookie, it doesn’t matter.

Fun food and/or language fact for all the linguistic nerds in the room — if there’s an English word for a food object that was taken without alteration from Italian, it was likely originally plural.

Panini? plural
Zucchini? plural
Salami? plural
Pepperoni? plural
Broccoli? plural
Gelati? plural
basically every pasta? plural (but that makes sense, it’s not like you’re ever eating one spaghetti noodle)

Is this meaningful? Not particularly. Did it amuse me when I was learning Italian and realized that we horrendously butcher the language whenever it comes to food, and do I use every opportunity possible to annoy people with it? Absolutely.


Hey, we arguably butchered the actual recipe as well, so at least we’re consistent.

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Okay, so I’m guilty of everything except Gelati. There are really people out there who don’t call it Gelato?

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Okay, I just finished the film and I’m thinking that the stuff with Cole sure is a convoluted way to introduce Scorpion into the plot when you could literally just have a sixty second scene with Quan-Chi and save the lore building for later. Maybe it would have made the film less of an editing slaughterhouse, I don’t know.

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Raid 2 is certainly high on the list of things I think would rather watch while watching Mortal Kombat 2021. So, you are good, Zacny.