Episode 396- A Game Full of Blocky Lads

E3 is going Virtual this year and the Waypoint Radio crew is here to figure out what the hell that means. Join Austin, Patrick, Rob, and Cado as they discuss the latest from the ESA and what the nature of this year's show might be. Rob brings us news from the war against chaos, he's enjoying his time with Warhammer 3! Austin is struggling with Hood: Outlaws and Legends, the new Robin Hood based PvPvE game that looks like it should be Payday 2 : Sherwood Forest edition but falls short, and Patrick checked out ... Roblox? Cado's enjoying the new Destiny season (but what else is new?).

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Saying TWarhammer 3 has Myth: The Fallen Lords vibe, is a huge firey take. If it actually meets that bar, I am going to a lose a lot of time to this game.

That game has it’s cult following and I’m in that cult, lol.

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Lordy I played Roblox when I was like 14, hearing that Obstacle Courses became such a staple that they got shortened to Obby is so joyous. Reading that great Terry Cavanagh thread and seeing the same sorts of design tropes in their design from 10 years ago too, really wild how the game has not changed really. But now the Blocky Lads are somehow less blocky and a little bit more animated, sometimes at least.

Obbys were great, but honestly I loved the “Tycoon” style of game way more. A number goes up and you spend that number on things to make that number go up faster, represented as more and more physical parts of some big machine or building or whatever getting bigger. No idea if that’s still “in vogue” since this is such a trends based ecosystem.


I would love to hear/read more Roblox stories, honestly. I couldn’t get into the game at all, but it seems like there’s a lot going on in the community that could be interesting even to outsiders.

Listening to the Roblox talk is fascinating, because of the lack of coverage it was hard to get a gauge on what it actually was, and to hear that it’s basically Dreams full of microtransactions makes a lot of sense.
A common place where one can hang out with friends and express creativity, similar to Minecraft in a way, seems to understandably be a very attractive platform for kids.
I’ll certainly go read that Cavanaugh dev thread.


I like Rob’s description of Roblox as a “iceberg” in terms of media coverage. Both not novel enough and too complex to receive the coverage something that big deserves. I feel like GTAV online fell into that category for a while. What other “icebergs” are out there?

Loved the thoughtful Roblox chat! It’s a game I shouted out in an end of the year post and continues to be a major hang out family space. If I could add one thing to the ‘Roblox is capable of hosting indie style games’ / ‘Roblox is its own aesthetic that doesn’t need to mirror what we know’ discussion it’s that the Roblox aesthetic itself often embodies that indie ideology in its own right. The beginners enthusiasm I talked about in my old post leads to creators both intentionally pushing the platform to do weird, unexpected things to realize their ideas, and often that will lead to strange, funny, and beautiful things unintentionally leaking through the cracks!