Episode 399: Rated "C" for Crafting

Sometimes you start a project thinking it would be fun to learn a new skill. Well Gita is doing exactly that in Final Fantasy XIV, but every time she learns one crafting class she realizes that things would be more efficient if she just learned to craft everything. Patrick is finding little to like in Biomutant, and leaves us with a short preamble for Friday’s podcast. Gita is checking back in with Disco Elysium: The Final Cut, and finding the changes to be ... revolutionary. After the break, Patrick is deep in the world of dodgeball with Knockout City, a surprisingly fun game that had the weirdest launch trailer. Gita has been living life in the apocalypse in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, a game that doesn't pull any punches mechanically and philosophically. And of course, wherever there's a new Destiny 2 raid, there's Cado. He recounts his experiences revisiting the Vault of Glass, the first Destiny raid that has been remastered for Destiny 2. (Spoilers for the Vault of Glass in this segment

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I am glad to hear that Knockout City is an actually fun game because that trailer they had was a major turn off.

I have not played a JRPG (excluding Pokemon, which I don’t count) in a literal decade but dear god SMT III sounds like exactly my shit. And it’s on Switch, and I see 50-60 hours on HLTB, and aghhhhhhhhhh I will wait until after my finals are done but I don’t think I can ignore it any longer than that.


I feel like I’m the only human on the internet excited for Cruella. Yes, it’s a Disney villain origin story and we think villain origin stories are bad after Joker. But Joker was miserable and had an ever-present threat of sexual violence that I found very unpleasant. Cruella looks campy and fun.

I also just love Emma Stone and would follow her anywhere. She made Amazing Spider-Man watchable. She can do anything.

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I can’t be the only one who has just heard of Biomutant now? I’ve never heard a single person mention this game before, but I guess it’s been a highly anticipated game for years? I must be old.


It had a trailer that caused some buzz a few years back, but I don’t think it’s been hyped for all that time. I think it’s getting so much coverage because a bunch of people have PS5 and Series Xs with nothing new to play on them.


There was that Biomutant trailer but basically no marketing as far as I’ve seen. I assumed it had been cancelled silently but here it is…

Funnily despite this the one place I got reminded of it over time was from was my young adult brother who seemed to have kept track of it despite having a pretty mainstream taste and purview of games.

It must depend on the circles you travel. I’ve been following the game closely for months and it’s looked real interesting.

Every “yuck, stinky stinky” reaction to Biomutant hasn’t made me think “hmmmm this probably is bad and not for me”. Every time I see it the aesthetic just feels like it is for me. And the combat I’ve seen looks interesting. Sounds like it stinks. I can’t help myself.


I don’t think that everyone is over villain origin stories, I just think it feels like an impossible ask to come up with an interesting backstory which inevitably ends with “wants to turn dogs into coats.” Cruella isn’t some over the top comic book style of evil, she isn’t robbing banks or murdering people left and right, she’s a seemingly normal of eccentric person who just developed an irrational obsession specifically for Dalmatian skin.


Re: Gita’s hilarious song and anecdote about colonialism and Wonka: in the original editions of the books, Oompa Loompas were literally enslaved African people brought in by Wonka to replace sacked workers. (Which reframes the name ‘Oompa Loompa’ from a fanciful silly bit of rhyme to a colonial racist nonsense depiction of non-Western culture).

In the 70s, after the book had been in print for quite a while, Dahl & co. finally caved to criticism, and changed the in-book description to be sort of white, dwarven, hippies.


Now I’m imagining a very awkward production meeting for the Tim Burton film where he’s loudly insisting on “preserving the artistic integrity of the work” by bringing that back



A grim look into Gita’s future and my present. And yes, I will be maintaining this until this game explodes. It’s fine. I’m fine. Everything’s fine.


Man if that opening scene for Cruella is legit and not fake…

Regarding Gita’s imagined motivation for Cruella wanting to kill dalmations, major Cruella spoilers ahoy…

While the dalmations don’t drive a car, three of them do run her mother off a cliff to her death. So, Gita was almost right? Even worse, the villain of the film actually commands her dalmations to do this, which makes a vendetta against the dogs even weirder. And worst of all? It’s implied in the movie that the dalmations from the original story, 101 Dalmations, are the descendents of the original dalmations that killed Cruella’s mother, so the vendetta goes to some strange “sins of the father” places. This movie is wild, people.


that just sounds hilarious.

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I saw Cruella just now… I like this movie. It’s a terrible idea and hilariously misconceived, but it’s well-made. It’s well-shot. Emma Stone and Emma Thompson are having a ton of fun chewing scenery.


I’m actually in the same boat. Despite me poking fun at the movie a bit in the message above, the movie is campy as hell, and, in a lot of ways, it feels like a remarkably anti-Disney movie. Not necessarily in a critique of Disney way, but rather, the exact opposite of what we would expect from a Disney movie. I compare this to something like Malificient, which went to great lengths to humanize and generate sympathy for its main character. This movie doesn’t do much of that, really. I mean, it’s there a little, but for the most part, Cruella is who she is. I’m shocked that the director got to make this movie without the studio execs lessening some of the stuff in the movie. It’s a silly movie that doesn’t justify why it exists, but it’s a fun movie, none the less.

Never apologize for loving trash. Some of the things with the deepest roots in my heart are just pure unashamed garbage.