Episode 400: Open For A Surprise

We’ve got big exciting news at the top of this podcast! But I won’t spoil it here, I love a good surprise! After the announcement the Waypoint Radio crew check in on DragonQuest’s latest announcements, Austin’s hatred of the narrator from Biomutant, Rob’s action hero turn in The Evil Within 2, and the beginning of a new Sonic cycle. Patrick’s also been checking out Wild at Heart, aka: the game where someone wanted to make Pikmin but didn’t work at Nintendo so they made their own. Cado and Austin checked in on Unexplored 2, the follow up to one of Austin's favorite roguelikes, who's new mechanics hew less Rogue and more Indie RPG in an interesting way.

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In case anyone else was on the struggle bus trying to punch in the URL:


EDIT: Anyone know how we can link our subscription to our forum account to get flair? Mods?


hell yes

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Heck yeah! I’m entirely here for this


I don’t know that I have the space in my life or budget for Premium Waypoint but I’m very happy for them and hope they are wildly successful without driving themselves nuts trying to crank out the extra content


I’m so excited for this and to see what avenues open for them with Waypoint+


I’ve stopped listening to the podcast as frequently due to: not driving because of COVID, trying to get off the video game consumerism hype train, and just general 2020-2021 anxiety and depression. Still love the forums and all the great writing/reporting the crew has been doing. Maybe once I start working again this Fall I’ll be able to financially support them (and start listening on a regular basis!)




Thank you for the link. I just signed up and there is already a 2 hour episode available :smiley: Happy to support the team in this way!

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I imagine that’s something that will be ironed out in the coming weeks/months.

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I have never subscribed to something faster in my life. The podcast has been a consistent place of comfort, reflection and learning. My ps4 controller has been collecting dust for months at this point and I have below zero interest in acquiring a new console and yet I can listen to the team talk about (well… mostly) videogames for days. I’m super happy to be able to contribute as… I’m constantly afraid that one day waypoint will be taken away from us and that idea really makes me sad. To 400+ more episodes!


Look, I’m gonna be real blunt: how much do we need to raise to get a regular podcast episode devoted to food and eating? Having had my first burger in a long while I have been trying to get my head around the fact that Austin apparently eats burgers with one hand so I need at least another two hours of everyone discussing the proper way to hold sandwiches/burgers/etc and how to eat them.



How much Jane Austen can I be expecting?


I’ve been hoping for something like this for a long time – glad to see it’s happening!

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Subscribes should be able to hold board-like meets in which such things as “the amount of Austen in Q1” can be addressed in full detail.


I’ve been waiting for this!
(X) Attack (O) Relent


This episode has everything I’ve wanted. Not only an exciting announcement (two, really, because the E3 coverage will be fun), but Austin talking about Unexplored 2 and Biomutant!

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Thanks so much for the support everyone! As we say in both this ep and the Waypoint After Dark ep, this is very much in beta and we’ll have more to say, more “hooks” into various things (like forum flair), more shows & streams to come in the following weeks. We really wanted to flip the switch today before we get deep into that E3 window where 1. It might be lost in the mix, and 2. we want to be able to promote it as much as possible with the knowledge that the bugs have been worked out.

Look for more info next week, and hopefully our first stream!


Only 7 mins into the pod but congrats with the subscription service! Glad to support your endeavours (yes I have already subbed) and hope for the return of WP streams and favourite deep dives.

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Very Excited. TBH I’d rather Jane Austen Pods to be a patreon :smiley: Very Excited. (It’d also be nice to get no ads feed for WR!)