Episode 400: Open For A Surprise

$5 subscription fee, 5-star runtimes.




How do we unlock the fabled sixth star?

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I’m paying about $6 Canadian for my sub, that’s gotta help with getting the sixth star, right?


A buck a star, those are the rules.


I felt kinda weird putting my credit card details directly into the site, rather than go through PayPal or Stripe or something. Hopefully you folks can move to a different service sometime in the future

I believe if you access the sign up page using a phone Google Pay and Apple Pay are options.


This is awesome. I’m so excited!!

Sorry if I’ve missed this somewhere but I was curious if there was any word on where the subscription money goes? Does it get split between the cast? Or does it just go straight to Vice?

I’ve listened to the podcast for a good few years now (and enjoyed the videos/streams back when they happened) and was initially excited to hear the news but I haven’t used the site in a long time. I went to the Vice homepage assuming I could get to Waypoint and then maybe an article or link to a subscription page but the site redesign from when I last used it seems…bad. Waypoint or “Vice Games” didn’t seem to exist, I had to access it via Google. There wasn’t an article so I hit the Twitter button but it’s just a generic Vice Twitter link so I had to access that via Google too. There also weren’t any links to the Twitch channel, the Youtube channel or anywhere to get the podcast.

If the subscription goes directly towards the crew I think I’d still be happy to sign up. But if it’s just going into Vice’s coffers I find it harder to justify to myself - the website is bad. I’d rather sign up for A More Civilized Age and apologise to the folks not on that pod.

They talked about this somewhere — might have been on the After Dark podcast, or maybe on stream yesterday. The short answer is that it goes to Vice, because though it’s a separate website, Waypoint is still part of Vice and Vice is the entity that pays them as employees (and also because there are other Vice employees involves in putting the thing together who also get paid for it by Vice).

The purpose it serves isn’t to send more money directly to them (aside from roundaboutly via their pay) but to give them a different way of sustaining Waypoint as an enterprise besides ads that depend on high-traffic articles, which means that, if Waypoint+ is succeeding (by whatever internal metrics Vice has), they can be more creative and niche with their content, begin more community-focused stuff, and bring back things like Be Good and Rewatch It, Waypoint 101s, etc, instead of spending a lot of the site’s bandwidth on traffic-focused work (e.g. blitzing 10 articles a day on the release of a big tentpole game like they had to with Cyberpunk last winter) and the core podcast.

They also said that they intended this period to be a kind of beta test (a “soft launch” was I think the term Austin used) but it kind of exploded on them — that might be why the whole thing seems a bit haphazard right now.

Edit: as I was typing this, it seems like a more official(ish, as Rob said) page went up: https://twitter.com/RobZacny/status/1400190238002225154?s=20


It looks like sub gifting is now available? I’d love to get A sub for someone. shoot me a DM? first come first serve


Subbed earlier this week! Very excited to get more from y’all. Will after dark be weekly or less frequent? Can’t remember if it was mentioned in the pods


It’s cool to see so many people with the little signs above them saying they’re back or new members! I’m also here after a long absence and a few days late to say I’m happy to support and subscribe!

I’ve kind of fallen off video game podcasts during the back half of the pandemic and all the losses over at Giant Bomb started to bum me out over the last 6 months, so I was late hearing about the news (I just thought it was a premium podcast at first) but after hearing about the other stuff and the return to streaming especially I had to support so more people can enjoy all that! Hope this is the start of something great for the whole Waypoint crew!


Congrats on hitting the mysterious magic number live on stream!


Cado just posted:


Dang it, what is that pizza number!?!??

Also, I’m happy to sub and glad much of it is free everyone!

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Stopped listening to the podcast right around Danielle’s departure, didn’t have much time for podcasts and missed the old Waypoint so much.
Hearing that this would be a chance to get Tactical Tuesdays back, BGARW and just revitalize the old style of this website made me sub in an instant.
Not only they got my money, they got me back. :slight_smile:


I just wanna say this is by far the most excited I’ve been about Waypoint since… ever, maybe? At least since one of the Savepoint streams however long ago those were.

I also really like the more reflective tone some of the pods have had lately and the way people have been openly discussing stuff like the arc of their career and what it’s like to work in a dysfunctional office environment. Not only has it sparked some needed self-reflection on my part, but it’s just incredibly reassuring to hear that we’re all dealing with the same stuff. I guess there’s always a small part of me that wonders “is it me? am I just bad at my job?” despite the fact that I know it’s not true, but hearing people express exactly the same sentiments that have been running through my head for the last year or two really helps. Like, a lot. This is the sort of thing that makes me love Waypoint as a community.


I don’t know if the 2nd After Dark episode will get its own forum. But I really love WayMorePoint (with a :carrot:). I might call this WayMorePoint :carrot: from now on.

I made a discussion thread for the Waypoint Plus content:

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