Episode 400: Open For A Surprise

I’ve been waiting for this, I’m so excited, I signed up right away! Why am I crying

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I just want to echo a lot of the voices here: been waiting for a means to throw the Waypoint folks a few bucks each month and now I can. :heart:
I’m mostly in to support the already existing show that I love and if I get to see more Waypoints/Be Good and Rewatch It-esque content down the line, I’m in bliss. Either way, excited for what’s to come!


Enthusiastically pulled the money lever. Happy to support you all having a bit more creative leeway.

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fuck it i’ll cancel my espn+ sub.


You only had to say two words:



Well, since GiantBeastcast is dead, I do need another few hours of podcasting in my life. Sure, I’ll throw $5 behind you all.


Subscribed almost immediately.

Btw, what is the AVB that Austin keeps talking about. The only thing I can come up with is Alien vs. Breadator


You had me at “Breadator”.

Not only am I signing up, I am trying to pitch this to ppl I know who would enjoy it. Trying to come up with a quick hits list of Fantastic Waypoint Episodes to use as like an Into The Aether-style mixtape. If anyone has a fave (full episode, not just segments) please lemme know.

Also I would be willing to give 10$/month. I don’t even need extra perks, I would just enjoy compensating for all the hours of information and enjoyment WPR gives me every month.

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Re: Dragon Quest for adults.

The slime looks like Dr. Manhattan now.


I don’t even like game streaming that much, but Save Point 2020 was awesome. Definitely on board to watch streams from this crew in particular.

But with the same slime face.


… I’m going to make this image in paint dot net. I won’t be sharing it here, but I need this manifested into the world.

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Nice Subscribed straight away £3.55 for Cardo is a bargain .

Btw I feel like categorising Biomutant characters as furries or for furries feels like selling furries real real short.


Incredibly excited for this! $5 for more 5 star podcasts, 5 star runtimes and more?! 1000% yes!


I am very excited! Be Good and Rewatch it got me (still slowly) into horror movies and I used to start the weekend by watching the vod of Tactical Tuesdays! I’d love to hear something like BGARWI about Midsommar, Train to Busan, The Lighthouse, Kingdom (the South Korean Zombie one) and maybe with hand holding Sweet Home (I had to nope out when I got a bad feeling about what was going to happen to an animal but I could maybe skip to the second episode or get time stamps to avoid the part I can’t deal with.

I hope this all works out and I’ve mashed that subscribe button.


Also wanted to plug Agents of SHIELD as a six+ season network TV show that’s actually quite good. It can be a touch uneven, but it hits some really amazing highs. Hit up a skip list for the first season, but definitely don’t skip it completely.

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I’m so excited, I’m throwing some bucks in, let’s goooo!

More consistent streams will be a welcome and more five-star pod of course.

My biggest hopes for what this opens the door to is a second wind to Lore Reasons, one of my favourite podcast series that had so much promise (Nier and Drakengard is so relevant rn, for example), co-op streams both in strategy games and of-the-moment games like monster hunter, and long-plays that brought so many great moments like Natalie’s bloodborne run.
I’m here for whatever the crew wants to do.