Episode 401 - A Plate Licking Society

Ok so let’s get right to it. Austin, Patrick, and Rob have a great podcast here, lots of fun stuff like Rachet & Clank: Rift Apart, Necromunda: Hired Gun, and Overboard. It’s all great stuff, but more importantly there’s a question at the end of the podcast and they can’t stop me from weighing in because I write the descriptions. I stand with Craig. It’s ridiculous how repulsed society is to Craig’s issue. And no, using bread is not the same thing. Even ignoring people with celiac disease, the texture is extremely different and depending on what’s on the plate isn’t necessarily preferable. #imwithCraig

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E3 leaks/speculation: Can’t believe Patrick is making Austin avert his gaze when the Elden Ring trailer shows up

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I don’t like where this plate stuff is gonna take us.


Expect an e-mail from askasleikir next episode.

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I feel bad with that question of “what was the last old game that you went back and loved without nostalgia?” since I haven’t played many old games in awhile. I feel like at some point in my twenties my video game tastes really calcified, I can’t even think of the last game I played that was before 2005 and loved.

I went back to play Super Metroid when the SNES Classic came out and didn’t love it. I loved Yoshi’s Island to death, but I also played that in 1996 over my big cousin’s house, and of course I would love that. It’s exactly my shit. Meanwhile I remember in college playing Chrono Trigger and Symphony of the Night and Sonic 3 & Knuckles and really loving all of it.

Maybe there’s enough indie games that already play up my classic tastes. I don’t need classic Metroidvanias, there’s 30 Metroidvanias every day on the eShop.

Last “old” game I played that really pushed my tastes forward was probably 999 or 428: Shibuya Scramble, which made me a VN or VN-ish fan finally.

But I feel like if you gave me a stone-cold classic of yesteryear like Fallout 2 or something, I would just hate it. I don’t think I could ever love Wing Commander. Or even Ecco the Dolphin.

My mind is all over the place after the plate discussion. The biggest issue with the question at hand is the reference to bean juice. Plate licking is something I could truly see myself get behind…but “bean juice”? Am I just supposed to accept that into my understanding of the English language and join forces with this person?

If I’m able to ignore that, sure, why not plate licking? There are so many things I would like to do in public that I don’t, not because I perceive it as rude but because people will look at me in shame. I can’t even type them without feeling the gaze of the internet. But you have to have some things too.

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As Craig is from the UK, “bean juice” would just mean the tomato sauce you get on tinned baked beans.

Another important note is that baked beans in the UK tend to be significantly less sweet than their US counterparts and are usually vegan, so if you’re coming from an American perspective your taste expectations probably don’t line up. My temptation would be to liken it to a mild/bland pasta sauce, but that just opens up a whole other can of regional differences.


I have never felt compelled to lick a plate (at least in my adult life) but I have drank the rest of the noodle broth out of the bowl, that feels adjacent.
Even that’s not something I would do at a restaurant, though I don’t even like using my hands to eat in general…

This is one of those things where I have to stop for a moment and remember that not everyone grew up in an Asian household. My mom’s family was Japanese, and this is just what you do when eating noodly soups.


Oh yea I would definitely do and have done this. I respect the baller move to lick a plate in public but I have anxiety and enough self-awareness of how I am publicly to do it. I don’t know what the difference is beyond how you could easily finesse drinking the noodle broth in a way you can’t w/ holding a plate to your face but that feels like a big difference.

Forget the crummets recipe, I want the chocolate bread recipe.

As for plate licking, I haven’t done that since I was a kid and I wanted every drop of maple syrup, a tradition my own son has apparently inherited genetically. I honestly can’t think if the last time I picked up a plate and licked it. I think the vaguely more socially acceptable thing, and something I have done on rare occasion if something is exceptionally good and there’s no convenient way to get it off the plate is to run my finger against the plate and just pop it in my mouth from there, but even that isn’t something I do in public all that often.

Overboard sounds like a game I should play buuut what if I replay Titanic: Adventure Out of Time instead? It’s an Edge of Tomorrow situation, when your apartment is hit in The Blitz, the explosion sends you back in time to when you were a spy on the Titanic to complete the mission you failed. It’s just a very good premise. It’s been a decade plus and I know I wouldn’t know any of the solutions any more.

Damn shame the ‘how did you afford a house eating all that avacado’ joke from Rob got lost in the conversation.


I think Plates are over rated and most food should just come in a bowl

so i feel most plates that would have things on them that i would want to lick i could get with a spoon or the back of a fork if i had said food sauce in a bowl


I’m guessing any pro plate-licking folks have small noses or no facial hair because all I can think of is how messy my whole face would be trying to do that, and I don’t even have a particularly big nose.

I don’t even think plate licking is so much “rude” as it is considered childish. Like people would look at you weird but I don’t think anyone would be offended. Same way as humans we’re perfectly capable of crawling everywhere but you’d get some odd looks doing that in public.

Also this is all obviously heavily cultural, if there’s a culture I’m ignorant of (many of them) where this is considered socially normal for adults to do then I don’t mean to imply that is childish or some sort of thing like that, just that in the kind of US/European culture the question is framed from it would appear that way.


i realize that i’m at least four days late on this which makes my contribution to the discourse worth even less than it already would’ve been, but i just heard the plate licking bit on this episode and wanted to share my thoughts.

my mother’s first husband (who was never actively my stepfather, i came along after) was/is a plate-licker. i don’t believe he did it in public, but in his own home or any shared intimate space he would lick his own dinner plate clean after eating. i only ever met and dined with the guy probably four or five times, always under the age of ten. my mom would end up with me at his house for some reason or another for a meal and this guy would lick his plate every time. i remember him licking the nacho cheese off of a communally shared plate of nachos. in the moment i was like “what the fuck” and then mom would afterwards shrug and sigh and be like “that’s just what he does.”. i haven’t seen him for over twenty five years, but when i think of him, it will always be a memory of his wriggly tongue licking leftover shitty nacho cheese from a plate. to me he will always be the plate-licker. forever a slob to me. so be careful if you want to go down this route.