Episode 403 - E3 Wrap Up: Nintendo Direct, Steam Next Fest, and More

E3 is over! The Waypoint Radio crew is here to wrap up the best announcements from the final two days of E3, and a slew of demos they've played. First up, Austin, Cado, Patrick, and Rob do a blow by blow recap of the stellar Nintendo Direct. Cado and Patrick are excited to return to the Metroid universe with Metroid Dread, a follow up to the great Metroid Fusion. Austin and Cado share a few war stories in preparation for Advanced Wars 1+2: Re-boot Camp, and everyone has thoughts on the new Breath of the Wild 2 trailer. After the break, Rob takes us on the harrowing experience of surviving a medieval siege in Siege Survival: Gloria Victis, and then Patrick and Austin take us through a demo-palooza as they check out different Steam Next Fest and Xbox Demos for upcoming games.

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I know it was a joke but when Patrick said “I’m
gonna make you two do this in your Zelda podcast” but uh… can a simple ground type pokemon dream of a Waypoint Plus Zelda podcast? Is that a thing I can imagine?

On a more serious note the conversation about Iwata also choked me up. Just thinking about him has that effect on me, no matter how jaded I get. There was a genuineness to him that just left such a hole after his passing. Wish he’d gotten the chance to see how many people would love his brainchild.


A Majora’s Mask Waypoint 101 would rule so fucken hard.


Austin: “What if I just throw myself at Metroid and become a Metroid guy overnight?”

austin please do not tease me like this there is nothing more that i want in this world than to hear your opinions on the way the metroid series represents embodiment and technology and how they interface, and whether or not its actually a mech series. this is a crime against me, specifically


If Austin and Cado even just did a one-off podcast about Zelda, I’d be 100% down to listen to that. About BotW and the sequel or the whole series or whatever. Sounds like a great time.

Also, after the Metroid Dread announcement, I’ve been thinking of playing all the Metroid games since I’ve never played any of them so a Lore Reasons: Metroid would be pretty great…

But also Lore Reasons: Kirby…

The options are endless! Whatever they do, I’m absolutely here for it.


If they did a Zelda or Metroid retrospective in the vein of what they did with Souls it would be real neat, I like it especially because it’s a blind spot for Austin (at the very least).
Or perhaps …lore reasons?


I would really love a Metroid retrospective of some sort, love those games and would love to hear from Austin if he ends up playing some.


Watching some Sable footage; the look reminds me of comic artists Lando and Stathis Tsemberlidis* from UK collective Decadence.

*One of those is much more searchable than the other, thanks Disney

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I’d definitely be up for Zelda- or Metroid-dedicated episodes. One is a series I love, the other is as much a blindspot for me as it is Austin. A 101, Lore Reasons, or just an indulgent discussion pod - whatever form it took I’m sure it would be an interesting listen.

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