Episode 409: Welcome to Nuts.com

It's a bit of a slow time out in video game land but don't worry, the Waypoint Radio crew are here to entertain. Between Rob's new entertainment center, Patrick's kid's birthday party excursion, and Cado's new Midi controller, they've got plenty of excuses for not playing anything new this weekend. So instead they dig into their weekends, how the Resident Evil 101 is going so far, and Rob's return to Company of Heroes. Then they dive back into the food bucket and Rob one of his favorite food websites.

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I never heard of DivX, but I did hear of another disposable disc rental system. This was FlexPlay, a kind of proto-RedBox where the DVDs had chemicals inside them that would actually rot over the course of days and make them unplayable. The whole thing sounds like an environmental disaster, I’m glad it never caught on.


in depth video on the rotting dvd


I just kept remembering Div, the Divx player character from early Penny Arcade.


Oh, thank you - I spent that part of the episode going “why do I know DivX?” and could not put my finger on it

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The lack of Divx knowledge indicates to me the lack of fellow Kazaa/Limewire dirtbag movie watchers on this forum.


I only ever used Limewire for Final Fantasy music tracks. Didn’t know you could get movies on it.

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It was basically BitTorrent before BitTorrent. Some people may have downloaded copies of their first year university textbooks through Limewire, thereby saving about $1000. But I may be getting into a forum rules violation so I’ll just leave it at that.


I think when VLC came to my attention all the esoteric video file type/codec knowledge fell out of my head, never to return. So much time spent trying to figure out how to force older players to run my, uh, completely legitimate video files.

The word “dirtbag movie watchers” has two very different meanings depending on your kazaa/limemire intake.

Or so I’m lead to believe…

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Here’s Tim Heidecker and Fred Armisen talking over the DIVX employee training video


Get topped at nuts.com

  • Rob “Puzzlemaster” Zachny

I need a T-shirt that reads “I Got Topped at Nuts.com and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt”

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RE: The food bucket question about regional foodstuffs

Cado touched on it, but the immigrant experience has a particular version of this:

  • Small scale, it’s stopping by Indian supermarkets in Toronto any time my family’s coming back from a road trip to stock up on food products that we can’t get closer to home (we do this less now that more grocery store chains have been stocking more international foods).

  • Large scale, it’s taking a large extra suitcase any time we’re making a trip to India. On the way there, it’s filled with stuff we’re bringing for family (chocolates, gifts, etc.). On the way back it’s packed with 2+ types of spicy peanuts, chutney powders, curry powders, sweets, snacks and more, all either homemade or purchased from the small shops around where family lives.


I don’t know what DIVX is but a surprising number of people over the years have assumed my username is a reference to it.

I can’t believe I was aware of a cooking utensil that Rob didn’t know about purely because the anti-griddle is a staple on Chopped.

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Had the exact same thought. I’m shocked none of them knew it from that!

My regional food item is definitely malasadas. They simply don’t exist outside of Hawaii, so I always have to hit up the Leonard’s Bakery truck when I go home. Sometimes more than once.

As for essential kitchen items, I love our fish spatula. We have one of those silicone spatulas, too, and they are excellent, but the fish spatula is extremely convenient for draining off oil from food at the same time you’re taking it off the heat.

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