Episode 414: Commander Rob is Loose!

It can be difficult to give game recommendations to people, but every once in a while a game lines up so purely with a person’s tastes it almost felt like it was made for them. This is the case with Hell Let Loose, a World War Two military shooter with a chain of command system that Rob described “[like] an RTS, but your units are other people.” Austin and Cado accidentally convince the rest of the crew to download Pokemon Unite, even as they complain about their less than ideal patch notes. After the break, we get a quick update from Patrick on the current situation at Activision-Blizzard. Austin has been checking out Highfleet, an extremely stylish game set in a Dieselpunk Eastern Europe. And Patrick checks back in with quick updates on Death’s Door and Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City. Then we get some clarification on Patrick’s cruel band class rejection from the Question Bucket.

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I read a review of Hell Let Loose elsewhere, and damned if it didn’t sound tempting. I really hope none of the Discords I’m on ever starts a group for this, I don’t think I could resist.


Were you thinking of Objects In Space?

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I played so much of HammerFight in a pre-release state back in `07 when it was called HammerFall that the old name is still the one stuck in my head. The style and look of that game paired with the swinging weapons physics were amazing. I am glad to hear that they have a new game that sounds good!

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Objects in Space was amazing,

If Rob liked Hell Let Loose, he should definitely try out Foxhole!

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Downloaded Hell Let Loose like two minutes into that discussion. I’d be so down to play with Waypoint peeps!


Dude Gardevoirs do exist! No dude Gardevoir erasure in this thread.


I’m picturing Rob, when taking on the general role, sighing slightly, then getting in character. He’s pulls out sunglasses, an officer cap, and a corn-cob pipe he just has on the ready somehow, and he’s ready to do some WWII-ing.


If this is happening I’d also be down and would like to be informed.

Well, shit.

How does one get onto the Discord without a Twitter account? I remember that being a blocker the last time I tried, but if we’re doing the Hell Let Loose thing I assume we’ll need to coordinate the schedule via Discord.

I did it by asking people nicely how you get onto the Discord without a Twitter account and being sent an invite… (I am not sure how that happened on the other end, in terms of people feeling like they were allowed to send an invite link)


This was my thought as well!

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I feel that the Waipoint crew has a blindspot when it comes to talking about manipulative and predatory game design and monetization. This is the third podcast in a row gushing about Pokemon unite and the monetization wasn’t even mentioned, mentioned by passing that may be bad in the first one and talked about superficially in the second. However the conclusion was that it’s bad, but at least is confusing so maybe not that bad. Which is missing the point because the confusion is part of the manipulation.

I usually wouldn’t comment and understand that everyone is aware of this problems, but this game is going to be big with the switch and mobile launches the potential damage may be comparable to Fifa. This game is heavily marketed to kids and studies show a link between these tricks and gambling problems and this game uses ALL the tricks. Purchases of currencies never are proportional to the cost of items in-game so people have leftovers. Battlepasses. Lootboxes. Items that can be upgraded with money or with huge grinds that affect the power of the characters. And more subtle things like the obfuscation of the costs in time and money, etc.

This is a big problem with games now that in general is not being taken that seriously and it should.

Two more in deep analysis of the problems with the design and monetization of the game:
Laura Kate Dale - Pokémon Unite’s Monetisation is a Travesty - Access-Ability
Curio - Pokemon Unite is a Mesmerising Mess


It does feel like we all had a big fight about this lootbox blind box stuff years ago, lost completely, and now it’s just… oh well, this is it now. Either you don’t cover a huge chunk of gaming or keep up a moral stance, there aren’t good answers.


I’m barely an hour in and fully bought into Hell Let Loose, also there are absolutely male Gardevoirs just no female Gallades !
Definitely agree with people in this thread that the emphasis and attention given to gross monetization is too little.


Their whole idea of doing a group stream would so much better on foxhole too. Plus I bet it would be easier for them all to get a handle of

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Well, I don’t know. I’m not on the Discord either, for reasons, so dare I get ahead of this and suggest we don’t use the Discord?

It is with a deep sorrow and profound regret that I must announce that they convinced me to download pokemon unite

I feel like it’s hard to have a serious conversation about monetization because it’s so widespread and common that you’d be having the same conversation ad nauseam and also because if it doesn’t have its hooks into you it’s just a hypothetical conversation.

I’ve played many f2p games and the only thing I’ve ever done is put $10 into Pokémon go over the past five years, both times because I was going to be walking and raiding a lot on a vacation. I’m sure there are people who experience chase or raid all the time that are just pouring money into it, but I just can’t relate to that. I hit the walls where payment would make things easier, shrug, and move on with life.

I think a lot of more enthusiast games press is going to have the same experience and the same outlook. Monetization sucks but I, the person speaking, have no problem passing it up so it only impacts me when it comes to ruining my play experience and that’s when I’ll talk about it.

It’s not a good perspective to have necessarily, but I think if you’re listening routinely to a dedicated gaming podcast you’ve already made your own personal decisions on monetization and know the ins and outs and only need to be brought into the loop when it’s outside of the norm. Yes, Pokémon unite is in some regards aimed more at kids but if you want to see some truly egregious monetization aimed at kids, mobile gaming is a wretched hive of scum and villainy.