Episode 414: Commander Rob is Loose!

I would just message the mods and explain. I sent them my (private) Instagram in case they wanted anything more. I feel like you’re an established presence here that it won’t be too big of a deal, but I’m not a mod so who knows!


Really tempted to just start a Discord server and slam down the link here so we can have high hopes but in the end only coordinate one game of HLL before we all go our separate ways again.

Or you know what, instead, could someone be kind enough to message me if this actually goes somewhere?


Yeah, I got an invite via DM, so now I’m on the Discord. :slight_smile:

I can’t tell if there’s actually an HLL group or not, though. Seems like it’s mostly just folks feeling it out, still. If the promised/threatened Crowbar & Sickle streams ever start up, I feel like that will be the catalyst that crystalizes something. For now, I’m just checking out some gameplay videos and wondering if there’s a way to guarantee that I never have to play as a Nazi.


HLL seems really interesting, hour long matches absolutely do not for me sadly.

I definitely want to get in on some Hell Let Loose. Rob’s discussion has me pumped.

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You could still play but eventually go AWOL (Absent With-O-Life (to live))

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There’s not necessarily, but any time my buddy and I end up as the Germans we just immediately switch teams as long as the other isn’t full.

I’d also like an invite to the Discord, mysterious benefactor! But I get it if I have to be on here longer or something.

Just finished the episode, and according to my wife I am a bad gift receiver even if I like the gift. which genuinely sucks because I love getting gifts and I apparently am really bad at expressing that gratitude lol


How does one get into this Discord everyone is talking about? Could I get an invite? I can lurk there like I lurk here.

I would also love to be on the discord. I think I tried a long time ago and got an invite but some wires crossed and I was never actually added. But I like y’all a lot and would enjoy hanging on another platform too.

People talking about Hell Let Loose hour long matches being too long, me looking longingly out my window fondly remembering Battlefield 2 Project Reality matches in highschool that could last half a summer day.

hiya folks :wave:t4: I see a number of people asking about joining the discord. Please feel free to send a DM to the moderators and we can hook you up with an invite!


I think a certain amount of the discord conversation is re the (old) requirement that you needed to have a public twitter acct to get a discord invite. It might be worth clarifying the alternatives, or if this is still needed at all?

A public Twitter account is no longer needed to request access to the discord!


Unless this game backfills empty spots I would felt guilty handicapping a side for an hour long match by bailing.

On the more full servers, there is literally always a queue to get in. There would almost never be a problem filling a role when someone drops, I think it happens fairly regularly.

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All the Hell Let Loose talk definitely has me interested, but I guess I’m in the same boat as Patrick where playing with an open mic and strangers sounds like a special kind of, well, hell. Still, I might have to try and squash my anxiety to give it a shot.

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I have bene playing HLL since Update 8 and if anyone wants to squad up let me know! I’d love to drop supplies, build nodes or bandage some other Waypoint peoples. Acerock 11648195 on Steam