Episode 415: Commander Rob’s Heroes

I got through the HLL stream, it was fun! I thought the tank section was very much the highlight, but it kinda encapsulates my concern with the game; that the most interesting “narrative” moments seem to be happening at the squad / command level.

Because Commander Rob was in the Waytank as well there was much less of a disconnect between the game he was playing and the game Austin / Cado were playing. In some of the earlier infantry sections it felt like it was a bit hard to tell what impact they were actually having on the fight. Keen to hear opinions from people who have played it though!


Just finished watching the video of the HLL stream on YouTube. Great work to the editor on sticking the two streams together. It was such a blast to watch! I really hope they do another stream of the game. I really enjoyed getting to see Commander Rob in his element!


Thanks for this prompt, I wouldn’t have seen that the VOD had been stitched together otherwise!

One thing I have to point out is how funny it is that both the HLL and Wildermyth streams have devolved into people "Awooo"ing in chat, but for completely different reasons :joy: