Episode 417 - Sheets and Sonets, Mulch and Monets

Very special guests Em and Jackson from Abnormal Mapping join Austin and Cado to discuss the hot new game that everyone’s playing: The New York Times Crossword. Thanks to Chris Remo’s new video series, everyone on the pod has been learning the nuances and tricks the NYT like to employ, from esoteric clues that appear again and again to the specific clue construction logic that allow just enough space for multiple interpretations that might still fit in the puzzle. After the break, Cado and Jackson have been checking out Splitgate, the “Halo meets Portal” multiplayer game that has recently blown up, despite it having released a few years ago. Em’s been checking out Final Fantasy XIV, and is having a better time with the new A Realm Reborn changes than either Austin or Cado did with the original content. We also dip into the question bucket to figure out “what kind of Pokemon are you?”

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Great episode!

Can anyone who has played FF14 explain why Austin labels the protagonist as establishing the “Fantasy CIA” in the story? I’ve never played and am barely familiar with the story, but my buddy that does will be curious.

Em and Jackson were a fun energy on the pod!

Put Halo 5 on PC already, I don’t want an Xbox but I love Halo.


Yeah! you are right SirRibbit, Halo is fun but not worth getting an Xbox just for the game.

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I still have my PlayStation TV (a set top Vita with HDMI out and sixaxis/DS4 support). Aside from the memory card nonsense it’s my go to way to pay PSone games legally. It’s also a way to play Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger VS Darkdeath Evilman so I’m pretty happy with it.


On whether FFII has a “good story” or a “good for its time” story, it’s a good for its time story. It’s ambitious and has a lot of plot thread ideas that will come back in later and better Final Fantasy games. You can see the ambition this team will have and will achieve later, and that’s worthy of respect.

But it’s an outline for a story, more than an actual story. The characters aren’t filled in. I don’t remember much of any world-building. A lot of characters die, but only a few feel tragic. Pouring one out for my boy, Minwu. You’ll get more out of FFIV or FFVI, even FFV, honestly.


Austin’s called shot about an official Discord blowing up in the company’s face basically happened a few weeks ago. “Punishing: Gray Raven” is a mobile gacha game that has been big in China and Japan for a couple years now and it released everywhere else a couple weeks ago. The game was very well received the Friday it came out, but got review-bombed that Monday because of how the admins of the official Discord reacted to some complaints about differences between the global version of the game and the original Chinese version. The reason for that is that the official Discord wasn’t run by the company, it was completely run by fans. The company took over the Discord, spent a few days cleaning it up, and now the reception to the game is back to being positive, but not quite as good as it was at launch.

The comments in this Reddit thread do a good job of explaining what happened in more detail (CW for screenshots of a lot of shitty behavior in the Discord).


Still surprising to me that Discord has not rolled out a business server level where if you got the money Discord will moderate and run your server for you.

Also want to take this moment to just complain that Discord does a bad job at offering moderation tools. The fact that you need bots for basic moderation features like banning specific words or urls is absurd. The audit log is a complete joke as well compared to most mod bot logging.

Not to mention the headache profile bios are now causing. Now you have to keep on top of everyone’s bio in case someone changes it to something offensive.

The idea that Discord itself does what appears to be 0 checks on sent messages, bios, or even profile names is just dumb. If big bots can do all this for free why can’t Discord start at least doing some basic regex is just mind boggling.

I’m not sure how many here are in popular bigger servers that end up in the discovery section but the bot scamming is getting out of hand and the idea that Discord is not even blocking the common used URLs is just sad.


This, hard agree. Absolutely mind boggling. I’m not a capitalist but it’s definitely baffling to watch them just leave money on the table.